Friday, June 03, 2005

And the crowd left me stranded!

Nobody seems to want to come to my blog, or comment on it!

Well, fine, then! I reckon me and my lovely wife will just be going off to Gay Days in Orlando this weekend--SO THERE! *flounces off*

(Actually, we were going to anyhow. It's a tradition!)

Unlike some people, I'm going to leave my comments area open *anyway*, because I would love for people to use it.


mamalicious said...

Oh man, would LOVE to be in Orlando for gay days. Maybe some day. I guess we'll settle for the R Family cruise in July.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. And would love to have you babysit. We'll be in NYC before the cruise but we're carting our babysitter along so we won't need you. :)

Take care!

drifter said...

I love you too, CrackerLilo. Blame Thomas…he’s the one that made up the list. :-) Sorry I haven’t commented on your blog before now but I have to say, if given the choice I’d rather be flouncing off to anywhere with a spouse than having people comment on my blog. I don’t even have a boyfriend to go to dinner with! Whine, whine… :-) Have fun in Orlando! And I’m glad some people are leaving their comments area open this weekend. I think I’ll leave mine open too. :-)


Jaded&Opinionated said...

Thank you so much for your kind words in support of my mom. Any and all prayers/blessings are welcome and appreciated more than I can express.

I hope you and your wife have a great time in Orlando this weekend.

scribble said...

I beg to differ... I have replied here before !
wish I was in FLA with you though.

Kelly said...

I too am a pagan and it was nice to see blessed be on someones post and know I am not alone.


CrackerLilo said...

Mamalicious--I hope you enjoy the cruise! It's cool that you get a vacation--and hey, it'll be harder for anti-gay evangelists and picture-takers to get into! If ever you do need a babysitter in NYC, we'll tire those cute lil' kids of yours out *real* good. Between the dancing, the tumbling, and the zoo (where they know us by name by now...)

Drifter--If you were here in Orlando, you'd get a boyfriend, like, quickstyle. :-) I love you, too, man.

J&O--I mean it, I hope you can have a wonderful weekend soon.

Annie--Yeah, I know you've replied! :-) And I appreciate it! (And I'm sure John appreciates your joining his list, too.)

Kelly--What brought you here, darlin'? I love to meet other Pagans, even if only online.

Anyone in Orlando--See y'all *there*! Look for the long tortoiseshell-colored hair with bangs and the big butt in the black dress with red flowers. (Dresses are cooler than jeans, and I look hideous in red, and it seems appropriate for a 50/50 bisexual to wear red mixed with something anyway.) Next to the little gymnast body in the little red sundress, big straw hat, and massive quantities of sunscreen. And, oh yes, I'll be carrying a Stitch doll.

The Orlando Sentinel laid out an itinerary:,0,5308700.story

Oh, and my hotel has internet access in the "business center", the fun doesn't start until this afternoon, and my wife's on the phone with her best friend bitching about the heat--can y'all tell? :-)

Blessed be y'all!

CrackerLilo said...

The best friend, incidentally, is a bi man who was so thrilled to find the red SpongeBob Squarepants T-shirt with the caption "Guess What's In My Pants?" The right-wingers started something, they really did...

Blogzie said...

Hey Cracker Lilo!

You wrote:
Mamalicious--I hope you enjoy the cruise! It's cool that you get a vacation--and hey, it'll be harder for anti-gay evangelists and picture-takers to get into! may have spoken too soon!

Good old boy Steve posted this on Rosie O'Donnell's blog earlier this evening (Saturday). And after all the horrible things he has said about her on his blog. I've never seen such blatant sucking up in all my life!



Stephen Bennett said:

Ro - whether you like me or not, I care for you. I have no question you are a wonderful mother - and you and I are alike in so many ways.

Took Chloe and Blake today to the Seaport in CT to feed the ducks, buy them a little junk toy that will end up in the “Island of Misfit Toys” someday. Chloe (6) has 900 Barbie dolls - all with broken arms, afros and more. Blake (4) has every Bionicle and Power Ranger thing you can imagine.

I sincerely hope to be friends - not enemies. Opposites attract. Irene and I would love to come on the cruise - and pay the price. I truly have a heart and compassion for GLBT people — and I KNOW we’d hit it off with Kel’s parents. I just wonder if we would be welcome to cruise with you all. We’ve never been, and know we’d have a blast.

By the way, I saw Patty Lupone in Evita on Broadway 3 times and adored her. Her voice is beyond description. I’m getting the CD tomorrow.

Hope to hear from you - we’ve met many wonderful new friends from your blog - and we’d love to further our friendships. We are not gay - and I would hope that wouldn’t matter. Some of our best friends are gay and lesbian.

Sincerely in love,

Your “born again straight man” (your words

Much love, peace and friendship…

June 5th, 2005 at 1:01 am

CrackerLilo said...

Well, Rosie's had her warning. I hope her support staff knows exactly what to do. I wouldn't let them on--that's a captive audience, and one who will get very annoyed at evangelism attempts when they are only trying to enjoy a good time with their friends in a place where they can feel normal. Where is Rosie's blog?

Oh, and I've got a blue raspberry Chapstick that Steve can have for his next round of ass-kissing...

Blessed be!