Sunday, June 05, 2005

Brief update from the "business center"

Girls in Wonderland was awesome last night. Sea World was awesome today. It wasn't an official stop, but we had to go there, just had to. We love the critters way too much. Anyway, Epcot *was* official, and it was lame.

And my arms and cheeks are the color of this blog! Ow, ow, ow, time my wife offers me her high-octane sunscreen, I will *take it*! She's just as pale and pretty as ever right now...and also a little smug. :-) I will look like I have a great tan in the morning, but feel thoroughly cooked--which, I guess, I was!

I think we're going to sleep on the flight tonight, unless someone wants to talk orgasms again. (And thanks to the Roman tub in our hotel room, we knowledge of that subject. So much so, we almost missed brunch with my brother!)

I learned something at brunch, by the way. You know that game with the triangle and the pegs, the one purported to be an IQ test? L'Ailee kicks ass on that, and claims that it only takes "concentration." It took her slightly longer to leave eight pegs with no jumps, the "genius" challenge. Us mere mortals ended up with two or three. Well, there is a website for the makers of that game--they have it on the wooden base of the game now. With solutions! So if you want to look really smart the next time you visit a roadside restaurant, go to:

Oh, and if anyone on the flight wants to talk about the importance of diversity in marriage, especially if they are also racist against Arabic people, I will slug them or sic my wife on them or both.

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