Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm feeling linky.

This is not the "rant" I refer to, incidentally.

First of all, everyone knows that Hungarians have invented some really cool things, right? The Rubik's cube, the forerunner to the cell phone, Helena Rubenstein's makeup and moisturizers, and the Pentium chip were all invented by Hungarians. It all makes me very proud of my heritage. (No, the other half of my heritage, not the Cracker half.)

Well, this is the latest. LiTraCon. What is that, you ask?
How about concrete you can see through? This is amazing! I expect that this will be used in quite a few buildings over the next few years.

Today's Rhymes with Orange, a strip I normally like, can be taken as either insulting to two-woman couples, or as a cute little joke that brings a controversial issue to the comics pages. Since I have a live-in seamstress, that was no problem for me. She wore a silvery-gray "Greek Goddess" dress; I wore a lavender Edwardian-inspired design that left our guests with absolutely no doubt as to my bride's opinion about my breasts! Neither of us even thought about wearing a tuxedo or any other traditionally "male" attire. There would be no man in our marriage; why should one of us try to simulate that role at our wedding?

Yesterday's Pearls Before Swine reminded me of a lot of wacktivists. Actually, the "crockydiles" always remind me of idiots I meet online. Retail/fast food workers past and present ought to like it, too.

Finally, y'all wanna see why I'm a stock car fan, and not an open-wheel racing girl? The drivers are as stupid as the cars look! You wanna strike, strike, but don't do this to your fans!

Sweet and talented Danica, please come to the Light Side of stock car racing quickly, so I can look at your cute ass in your fireproof suit alongside Tony Stewart's and not feel any shame about it...

Don't worry; I'm going to have work to do tomorrow.

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