Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vibrating plus pointy equals pretty danged stupid.

My wife and I think the Venus Vibrance razor is a really, really, really, really, massively stupid idea. Something that *vibrates*, with pointy blades at the end, on our skin! "You have a hard enough time holding a razor steady," said L'Ailee. (I may only use an electric razor--no open blades--if I am shaving her head or any other part of her body, because she has seen my hands shake. This comes up at least once a week--she does my hair every day, so I get to do hers, too. I do not dispute this rule, as I have cut my own self numerous times, occasionally in painful and even moderately amusing ways, and I am grateful for her steady hands and endearing habit of expressing her love through grooming.) As for me, I decided that if I want a battery-powered vibrating device, I can get a much more fun and much less dangerous one for not much more money. (My inner frat boy wants me to make a bikini line joke. I am trying to resist.)

Mark Morford, who is not even remotely part of the target market, kinda sorta sees it our way. Gotta see it!


scrappy rose said...

I was practically knocked down by a woman at CVS trying to sell these things for mothers day...she kept saying, "here just hold it"...freaky, don't need vibrations on my legs!!

CrackerLilo said...

Thanks for visiting, Rose!

My mom and I are pretty open with each other, but I can't imagine buying her *any* battery-operated appliance that vibrates for Mother's Day. Or a razor, for that matter--it's in that whole "Your grooming leaves something to be desired" category.

Blessed be!

annie said...

mark morford is a personal favorite writer of funny. all during the time leading up to the (ahem) election,
he was really brilliant. good blogging here!

Qivan said...

They have those for men too, I was given a free one on the street by Gillette, tried it once, but didn't see any difference. For the face of course!

Cindy said...

Too funny! I don't think my legs need any stimulation especially when it comes to shaving. With my handicap it's always a challenge to actually shave, don't need added problems with a wiggly razor!

scribble said...

LOL I wondered what the comment
was on my blog while shaving Teddy.
Too funny !
Luckily my honey doesn't care if I shave or not... legs that is.
I do shave during shorts weather though.
I wont be wasting my money on this vibrating razor.

Cindy said...

Special update:
Robin and Anthony are attacking the offending weeds now! Details at 6!