Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Whose butt is *that*?

Annie Thomas-Burke and I, and maybe a few others for all I know, have adapted our blogs in a way that we think a particularly obnoxious visitor won't appreciate. Hence her new temporary logo, and the one she designed for me. Should my new temporary logo offend anyone I like better, my apologies.

That sexy skinchick with the nice caboose is the second-most beautiful woman in the world, Sinead O'Connor, as painted by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick. I was searching for a link for y'all, and saw that some idiot denigrated her so-called "anorexic body". Just goes to show that it's not only us bigger girls who deal with body-image bullshit. I'd hate to think what he'd make of L'Ailee's tiny gymnast body. Thankfully, no matter what you bring, someone else will appreciate it even if some people have to be nasty.

The very most beautiful woman in the world has been in chess withdrawal, and is playing with one of her friends tonight.


Karen said...

Hi my fellow pisces girl!
thanks for the visit.
I love your new pic--quite lovely.
water is divine, isn't it?
when summer is over and I can no longer splash, I almost cry...
well ok, I do cry !

Qivan said...

Like the new look Cracker, how do you do that?

lightfeather said...

I'm thinking with that picture you should call your site the "back porch."

Thanks for making me smile. It is a beautiful picture. I am sure SB will be unable to appreciate it, but it is lovely!

Cindy said...

I love the new look. The picture is beautiful.

biscuit said...

aw man.. I want some boobies for my blog too! or at least a lovely behind..
hmm maybe a couple of gals kissing would do it..
I'm off to photoshop!