Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wow, I'm gonna be married to an old woman!

L'Ailee turns 30 tomorrow. A birthday on a Friday is, like, a directive from the Gods to PARTY, especially when it's a big one, and we plan to make a very big screaming deal out of it!

She made fun of me on March 11 because I turned 31, and told her I was feeling old, and then I got coupons from Clairol for hair dye in a "birthday card." As if there aren't definite bits of salt in the black-pepper stubble on *her* head--and we can't all deal with grays her way anyhow. So I decided she needed to be signed up for Clairol's program, too, just in case she wanted to let her hair grow. I'm so thoughtful, aren't I?

Actually, I got her a hell of a present. I don't want to disclose it here, and I just received it here at work, but it has a lot to do with her deep and abiding love of Dougal Dixon's After Man. Can't wait to see her face! :-)


scribble said...

Happy Birthday L'Ailee !!
I hope it was lovely and you were so very touched by the effort your honey put into your gift.
I just love it when that happens !

Always be happy as you two are today.
Love Annie B

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Happy Belated Birthday, L'Ailee! I hope you had a wonderful day!

As for the "old woman" thing...I must be ancient then, 'cause I'm 39! Yikes!