Sunday, September 04, 2005

A place to donate clothes

It's the damnedest thing--volunteers on TV are saying they need clothes, everyone on the ground is saying they need clothes, but no charity I knew of was taking clothes!

I'd love to read what Kimmy or St. Tropez Butler suggest. I'd also like to read anyone else's ideas. However, I found a place through the United Jewish Federation's website. ("A Pagan and an agnostic go up to a rabbi and ask, 'How can we donate clothes...?'")

Anyway, this is what they said:

There is a warehouse accepting goods in New Iberia, Louisiana, which is about 135 miles from New Orleans. Phone first. 1-405-612-4602. It is located at 1102 E. Admiral Doyle Drive, New Iberia, LA 70560-6311. If you plan to drive a truck down, you must check with the Louisiana State Police to have pre-certification to enter the state.

I'm sure the donations will be wanted; it's just that I think there's a shortage of people able to sort them out at most organizations. (This is one reason why I wrote sizes on the bags in Sharpie--that was a problem in Florida last year, too. It REALLY helps to do that; I know that much.)

Pack 'em up, sort 'em out...they *will* be wanted.


sttropezbutler said...

Working on getting some addresses...I'll follow up on this tomorrow and hopefully have info then!


Trudy Booty Scooty said...

I've been looking for a way to send clothes too...but sending them from Calif is apparently impossible. Arghhhhh

I'll keep looking.

ConnieJane said...

There will be those of us who have items to donate but not the means to get them where they need to go. Surely, some large charities such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Red Cross, or religious services and the like will have donation stations to coordinate collection and transportation of the donated goods. Everyone has some used clothing they can part with. Great idea Cracker to mark the bags with a Sharpie. An inventory list inside the bag wouldn't hurt either. I also have stuffed animals and some unused toys I would contribute if I was sure they wouldn't end up in my local thrift shop.

SassyFemme said...

Like you, I've heard both donate and don't donate clothes for my city. It depends which TV station or newspaper web site I look at. I know we went down to donate a wheelchair and walker we had in the garage that were my dad's, and saw all sorts of things being donated, from clothing to children's toys, to personal care products.

BostonPobble said...

For a completely different reason,I am headng down to Houston at the end of this month. I will have two suitcases with me~ one for my clothes and one for the clothes I will be leaving there. Thanks for the reminder!

dondon009 said...

I would think that donated clothing would be very appreciated. Most charities are asking for money, but I would rather see that money used for food, water, medication, housing, etc. I'm sure good used clothing would be welcomed and I'm getting a box ready for anyone who will accept it!

Jaded&Opinionated said...

I sent out an email to everyone on the sister friends list as to where you can send clothing and such. I also spoke to Kimmy today... she called me from whichever place she was volunteering in today... and she is going to email me her address so I can send things directly to her. She can make sure they get to the right places.

It really irks me that people would comment about the weight of the people who have now lost everything they have ever owned. As if they haven't had enough indignity to deal with. Nutritious food is expensive. I've been following a reduced carbohydrate diet for a year now, and I've lost 135 lbs. I have more to go, but I've lost alot. And quite frankly, my grocery bills have gone way way up! But, I have no choice because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is also considered a metabolic disorder because my body stores every last gram of carb as fat. So aside from having to worry about infertility and endometrial cancer as possible side effects, I had to do it while fat. It's just plain wrong to judge anyone by their weight, because being fat doesn't necessarily mean you're a lazy glutton. There are many reasons why both men and women are overweight. And your weight is in no way proportional to your worth as a human being.

I'm going to be sending maybe 10-15 outfits down to Kimmy, plus I went out today and bought alot of toiletries, school supplies and even some baby bottles. I'm sure everyting imaginable is needed.

Karen said...

check out this link too

lots of information about what is needed and where to send it.

the label idea is great--I will be sure to sort and label everything we send.


Karen said...

let me try to paste the link again so the whole thing shows up: