Friday, September 02, 2005

She is amazing.

L'Ailee just dashed off a note to me from work, and I want to share it. One day, that girl's gonna have her own damn blog, I guarantee it.

9/11/2001 was our time in NYC.

Last summer was hard for you in Florida. You surfed and joked, but I knew you hurt.

You were there for both. Tragedy will come again. Didn't you say your grandfather told you not to ask for it because it will come? Dont feel bad. We should help when we can, but don't feel guilt.

Yes it's weird to think of going to a party when the gulf coast is so miserable, but remember that they had their fun when we hurt. That is all right. They should have enjoyed their lives. How could they have helped us by not going to parties? I would hate to think that they kept watching the news.

I hate the ones who talk about God's attacking the so-called sinners. I heard someone say it might be God here and got very angry. He did not say it was about gay people like that cretin in PA, but that's because there are so many of us here. I do not like that anyone is saying it about anyone.

As I see it the truly evil ones in New Orleans are still alive anyway. Mixed in are the ones who are all right. They can't have their help because of the people who used to be their neighbors. That is the real tragedy. We don't need God or the devil to attack. We have each other.

Mean people worship a mean God. Kind people worship a kind God. Insecure people worship an insecure God who can't even stand for our kids to learn science.

If I saw God today and found out he is as mean and hateful as some people say I would not worship him. I would spit in his evil and ugly face. It seems like the best thing to say I don't know. At least it is honest.

I am thinking too hard now. You are a very bad influence on me that way. :-)

I love you. Lets enjoy this weekend.


scribble said...

geeze louise stop making me cry today.

This is beautiful, her way of reaching
out and making you see, life goes on
crackerlilo... it's ok to smile.

what a wonderful woman you have there.
Please do encourage her to
blog some more.


Does L'Ailee have a twin brother, and is he single?

So sweet, so dear.

BostonPobble said...

Cracker, Enjoy your life. It is the best way to honor those who hae lost their live yours to the fullest. Have a great weekend. You both deserve it. Thank you for the comments you left me. Best, best, best!

Clandestine said...

that's sweet:)

Jan said...

It is ok Cracker.....enjoy your weekend.
Great letter.
Hold her tightly , love her long and smile for what you have.

Karen said...

she needs to blog !
you are one lucky woman to have her.


Nancy said...

You're right Cracker, she should have a blog!
What a beautiful letter to you! Love, it's grand and you are both so lucky.
Enjoy the weekend. Live and love.

Blogzie said...

How much do I love this?

All you can do is enjoy the weekend to the best of your ability.

We are having a BBQ on Labor Day. It is also my Grandma's 92nd (!) birthday. We are expecting about 15 people. I'm not up for it, but it has planned for over a month.

It's Showtime Folks!


Qivan said...

So Cracker, what happened when the two of you were in Florida?

Hootin' said...

The only way to honor those who no longer have their own lives is to live yours to the fullest.

I really hope you are taking her advise and having a good weekend!

She sounds like a pretty smart woman!

Just catching up on your posts...haven't had much time to keep up lately!

PS: Not that I'm not already emotional today, but your post made me cry.

*take care*

Hootin' said...

For the record:

I really DO know how to spell "advice". I'm just stupid this morning.


Anonymous said...

Darlin', she is brilliant! I'd love to read more of what she writes...a blog is definitely in order! Enjoy your weekend sweetie. Peace.