Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I got baby panda tickets and you don't!

Look at that sweet little guy, completely oblivious to the fact that he's, like, the rock star of animals.

Thousands upon thousands of people tried to get Tai Shan (baby panda) tickets. I am one of the lucky 13,000. I actually scored *four*--me, my brother, and our wives.

Well, there's this exec in my office who loves to flaunt how rare his wines are, how hard his tickets were to get, etc. Total and absolute status-seeker who has to have the latest. We got to talking when he saw my panda cub wallpaper (you can get it by donating to the zoo.)

And I managed to sneak this dig in: "You know, thousands of people got the tickets, but thousands more didn't, and that makes it even more fun! People are gonna be so jealous!"

He looked disapproving. "That's not nice," he said. "You can enjoy the panda baby without rubbing it in peoples' faces."

I just nodded, said "That's a very good point," and after he left, ducked under my desk to "look at my printer connection" and laugh!


nancy =) said...

that is so awesome!! i'm so jealous!! good for you, woman =)
enjoy!! and bring back some pix!!


Jon-Marc said...

Yeah, if you are allowed to take pics post them for us all to see.

Happy Thanksgiving,