Thursday, November 10, 2005

The least likely Buns of Steel poster girl *ever*.

No, not Sinead up there. *Me*. I got felt up this morning. By straight girls. And some people think L'Ailee and I are menaces in a gym...

I bumped into one of my "swim girls"--or, the women I meet to go swimming with a few mornings a week--at the pool, and she commented on how hard my ass is. Loudly. As in, "OhmyGawd, your ass is hard as a *rock*! What do you do to get those glutes?"

"Um, dance..."

Other women wanted to know what she was talking about. "Her butt's big, you know, but it's, like, *hard*! I'd kill for glutes like that!"

"I've never seen you jiggle," noted another friend.

A third then bumped into me so deliberately that I knew she was just curious.

So when we were sure that nobody else was around, my swim girls all took turns goosing my ass and agreeing that while my buns are big, they are, in fact, of steel. And one hummed Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" at me in the locker room this morning.

But before we left, we all agreed not to tell any of the men we know ITRW. They'd get way too many ideas.


SassyFemme said...


Christine said...

Rock! ;)

BostonPobble said...



I can't apologize for it 'cause I wasn't there and I've never bought the general apology "on behalf of all straight people (or insert your own group here)"

yeah, I got nothin' here.

Carie said...

lol thats so funny

sttropezbutler said...

You're gonna make me ruin my keyboard...what with the coffee spewing out of my mouth!


Aaron said...

Your bootylicious is far superior to my quickly flattening old man ass. I for one welcome our new Bootylicious overlords.

scribble said...

damn now I want a feel too.
good for you !
nothing better than a little ass attention.

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Good for you! If I had buns of steel, I might just have to wear a thong in public, big butt or not. LOL

Blogzie said...

I agree with ATB, I wanna cop me a feel!

You just wrote this to tease us, I just know it.

Honey, you better post a picture of that fine ass on Sunday Photo Day!


annie said...

when i was a busser at hyatt lake tahoe 30 years ago, my boss approached me one day and told me that i had the finest ass he had ever seen. it was creepy, because i was 16, and he was 40. that was pre-sexual harrasment lawsuits, when men got away with such bullshit.

that said, my ass was pretty great.

though i am sure it couldn't have compared to a more modern-day fine-looking ass, like cracker's!

dondon009 said...

We wanna see some ass dammit!

I have no ass........ flat, flat, flat and even women tease me about that..... so tell me how, do I get me some buns of steel?