Sunday, December 18, 2005

New year, new us...well, only on the outside!

A couple of revolutionary appearance changes may occur in our home. Almost two weeks ago, L'Ailee took a glancing kick to the head from a student, and so couldn't shave it. Her hair, which we're used to seeing as black, thick, and pin-straight--almost Asian--seems to be coming in finer and curlier! So she's going to hold out for a little while to see what her hair's doing now. It's already driving her nuts.

As for me, my "dress-up" glasses broke, and so I went without at our company holiday parties last night. I was complemented on how I looked in my "contacts" all night long, with no provocation. I hate contacts! I hate how they feel, I hate putting them in. But I believe I may just get some anyhow.

Yes, two company holiday parties. In one night. I was trying and trying to get my company's holiday party rescheduled because...last night was also the night of my wife's company party, and I can do something about mine. At least, I can in Theoryland. I failed this year. And we each had to represent at our respective parties.

There was a vodka slide at mine, which I enjoyed a lot, but I was prevented from talkin' to Elvis. I came close, though!

The one good part, aside from my getting a hundred-dollar check (YAYYYYYYY!!!! Okay, I don't *entirely* hate them) is that at least I don't have to try and work today. Otherwise, I'd have had to call in "sick." I know better than to call in hungover--can y'all guess why?!

However, L'Ailee was not so lucky. Two aerobics instructors called in hungover--literally, called in and were honest! We're wondering if this is some kind of trend in NYC. Whether it is or not, she's picked up their classes, and is trying to focus on the money.

Last night at her company party, everyone was remarking about how her hair has grown. She was getting tired of it and kinda wishing she'd worn a hat. A group of her co-workers got into an actual argument over it--about half said she looks good with it shaved off, and the other half said she'd look good with it grown out. (They're both right. :-)

Finally she snapped, "I don't remember calling for a vote about my hair."

Bitchiness is spread through kissing, apparently, or maybe bitches just attract each other. This morning, this guy at our favorite coffee shop, the one owned by the nice old Russian couple who have decided they are L'Ailee's adoptive grandparents, was being very, very rude. Like, we'd decided what we wanted and he hadn't, and we were served first after he was asked whether he was ready, and he got upset. He *tried to take the sugar shaker right out of my hand*, too! And at every turn, he announced, "I spent all last night with the homeless, serving them." Which of course entitled him to be rude today, unlike those of us who'd enjoyed a vodka slide we didn't have to pay for.

After the sugar shaker incident, I finally turned to L'Ailee and said just as loudly, "Wow, he was there all night! You'd think those poor people had suffered enough." Made her, a couple employees and a couple other customers laugh. Made him shut up. He needed to. My head was pounding.


SassyFemme said...

What is it with people calling in hung-over. I just don't get it! Okay, it's not that I don't get it, it's that it's just so strange. If you have to work, either don't drink so much, or just suck it up and go to work hung over.

I could never wear contacts, I can't even handle putting eyedrops in!

sjobs said...

It is interesting that so many people I know are calling in hungover. I would never try that. There have been days that getting up and teaching a classroom full of students was going to be a difficult job, but hell I did it.....

Happy you had fun at your party and hope your head is feeling better.


Jaded&Opinionated said...

I would think that calling in hung over could get you fired. You knew you had to work, yet chose to over indulge anyway. If one of my employees did that (I only have 2, lol) I'd tell them not to bother coming in again. If they decided that their need to get drunk was greater than their need to come to work, I don't want them around. Sheesh.

Glad you had fun, and that Elvis wasn't in the building. And I LOVE the comment to the rude guy. Serves him right.

Oh, and PS... I hate contacts too, but I've heard that the new Aqua view lenses are so comfortable you barely know you have them in. And that bit of info is from someone who refused to wear contacts because she said they felt like sandpaper. She wears these new ones all the time now.

sttropezbutler said...

Tis the season...

Hangovers aplenty!



BostonPobble said...

I can't imagine calling in hung over either. Are we just that old school? And, the risk of Sounding that old school and completely off the radar, what's a vodka slide (and how can I get invited to where one will be??????)

BostonPobble said...

CrackerLilo ~ This isn't about a post at all but I'm leaving it here anyway. In case I don't get back here tomorrow: Happy Yule. The light returns, my friend. Blessed Be to you and yours. Warm hugs and affection ~ The Boston Pobble :)