Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why I don't often post about work or the commute.

The concert was awesome, the panda was adorable, the brother is back home where he belongs. :-)

That done and over, I'm going to talk about work for once.

First of all, yesterday, I made people laugh without meaning to. (Don't you despise that?) Me and about five other people were talking about "rebranding" familiar names.

I brought up Tony Stewart's sponsorship by Old Spice. "Now I have all kinds of associations for Old Spice that have nothing grandfatherly about them whatsoever," I said with a smile.

"Oh, you want to go to Home Depot when you smell it?" a fellow race fan asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Yep, when I smell it, I have this uncontrollable desire to play with tools..."

You ever have your filter kick in *after* you say something? I looked up, and my co-workers looked like hyenas circling their prey!

Also yesterday, we had to hire a new file clerk. It's the end of the year, so our two department file clerks were ass-deep in paper.

Yesterday, one of them called in hung over. I mean, literally, she called me almost half an hour after she was supposed to be here--I was about to call her--and tried to get my sympathy by saying, "I'm sorry, I can't come in, but I'm too hung over." When I asked her if she actually wanted me to tell our BossLady this, she repeated that she was hung over and said she did, "like, eighteen shots."

BossLady was PISSED, of course, and gave the fidiot until noon to show up. She didn't show up. We ended up hiring a temp, after we'd pitched in on the filing some.

The temp showed up, and she's doing fine.

Guess who else showed up this morning, chipper as you please?!?!

BossLady called our *former* file clerk into her office. She wasn't smiling so big when she left, y'all!

But I think today's Fidiot Day in NYC anyhow. At least we think that accounts for what my L'Ailee got at the bus stop this morning.

I'm in an actual pantsuit because it's cold. (I feel like I look like Rosie O'Donnell. I look way cuter and more feminine than that, I know it, but I HATE pantsuits!) She was wearing her warmest gym clothes--yoga pants, T-shirt, jacket, long jersey ballet skirt over the yoga pants--with a little knit hat on her head and a scarf over that. I would have thought that the look was "cold urban female on her way to hot gym."

This guy is carrying a bunch of packages, and slips. L'Ailee, doll-baby that she is, goes over to help him pick it, and himself, up. He just snarled, "Get away from my stuff right now, you A-rab bitch!"

"I'm Russian, not Arab, but bitch is right," L'Ailee retorted. "I hope everything broke. I hope you can't sit down for the rest of the day."

I mean, he missed her milk-white skin, red lipstick, grandma's big ol' silver crucifix necklace, and the fact that it is, you know, winter up north thanks to his prejudice! Well, nobody ever said prejudice made any sense.


BostonPobble said...

Wow. I hope everything in his bag was broken, too. Karma will eventually take care of this guy. Until then, don't let her lose hope and stop being a nice person.

As for the filter, man, I call it my trap door. And the chain on the trap door between my brain and mouth is a little rusty. There are plenty of times it doesn't drop efficiently enough. You're not alone!

dondon009 said...

I also hope he broke everything!

Talk about holiday spirit, or lack of!

And now regarding the hung over file clerk...... at least she was honest! My staff uses "flu like symptoms" as an excuse! (which just about covers everything)

SassyFemme said...

Man, what an ass! L'Ailee showed a lot of restraint with that comment.

I hae a habit of saying stuff like you did at work, and then realizing after the fact how people took it. I turn 50 shades of red, usually.

sttropezbutler said...


People are so so weird.

I'm sure your ex-file clerk is nursing her tale of being fired with another 18 shots and still wondering why anyone would be fired for being hung over.

Peacemas....I'm off to play with some tools! LOL