Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th! And...

Once again, can't sleep. I hope everybody has a very lucky Friday the 13th!

L'Ailee stumbled in from classes tonight and asked me how she might be able to explain to her boss that she has to rearrange her classes in order to watch Survivor every week. It's coming up! Of course that won't happen, but the killer hours she's working will ease up soon, we hope. If I can't watch Survivor with her, I'll have to find someone to watch with. It was a social event for me in Orlando.

While she was gone, I put on a show for the neighbors. Have you heard Kerosene by Miranda Lambert? (If you haven't, click here and play the video!) I felt like playing it. Twice. And you know how it makes you want to dance? Does it to me. I was doing a combination of my trickiest moves from belly-dancing class and Gods know what else, just basically throwing myself around the living room while "Kerosene" blasted, culminating in my stepping onto the coffee table and shaking it there.

And that was when I saw that I hadn't shut the blinds, and that several neighbors were *watching*. Standing on the sidewalk, watching. As if there's nothing else to watch around these parts.

The second play of the song was almost over, so I finished dancing and then gave them a smile, wave, and lounge-singer kiss. They applauded, I shut the blinds.

L'Ailee felt bad that she missed it. :-)

But I'm not the only one in this family who can make an idiot of themselves! One of my boy cousins has a blog, and on this blog he has photos of himself, and one of these photos showed him naked except for a strategically-placed chainsaw.

Two thoughts:
1. CHAINSAW! Why the HELL did he put THAT...THERE?
2. The boy is seventeen years old!!!

He asked me how I liked his blog, and I mentioned that I saw the chainsaw picture. His first reaction: "Don't tell my mom." I didn't. However, I did advise him, all friendly-like, that he was more likely to attract pervy older men than the teenage girls whose attention he was really trying to seek.

He took it down early Thursday evening. I was so relieved. Then he sent a note to my e-mail saying--and I quote...

"I think I'll hold on to it. If I put some words on it, it might be a good logo for my blog when I'm 18."

LITTLE BRAT! I'm only laughin' 'cause he ain't in slapping distance! Well, that and he was smart enough to listen to his cousin Lilo...


Anonymous said...

Well damn! I missed the show! LOL I'm glad you're feeling better! Peace.

sttropezbutler said...


That was funny...

Loved your suggestion at Blogzie's today!


Nancy said...

Lucky neighbors. How funny that must have been!

I love Miranda Lambert! Great song too.

Happy Friday the 13th to you Cracker!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Happy Friday the 13th to you and everyone. I'm not superstitious. My Dad was born on a friday the 13th. I also loved your suggestion over at BLogzie's place.

Have a great weekend,

BostonPobble said...

Happy Friday 13 to you too! Beofre I got the curtains up here in Woo, I came out of my shower one morning and...THERE were the next door neighbors. Staring out their window right into mine. I smiled, waved and tried to maintain what little dignity I had left by going in and Shutting The Damn Bedroom Door! Ah, it keeps life interesting, don't it?

dondon009 said...

Sorry I missed the show also, but while walking the PUGS this morning, I had all these imaginary visuals...... certainly made me smile!

Regarding the cousin.... he needs to take your advice seriously. That picture can be saved to hard drives and could end up on some porn site and seen around the world ....... not at all amusing!