Friday, February 10, 2006

It'a all about LOOOOOVE!!!!

And even those of you who don't feel loving for some reason or another can have fun, too. Keep scrolling!

My wife will be working Valentine's night, so we decided this weekend was our Valentine's Day. Surfing, the Budweiser Shootout, and tons of quality time! Yee-haw!

Also, I now have tickets to go to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. I am so happy I can burst. It's right on my birthday, too! Maybe they'll let me have a gift...or maybe I can take the big purse. :-)

I have a whole bunch of links I just wanted to share.

This is for giving to creeps who ask for your MySpace profile.

Forget the magic 8-ball--let the Magic Champagne Glass answer your love questions!

An excerpt from the Sweet Potato Queens' Wedding Planner/Divorce Guide Yes, it flips over.

MAD TV explores the question of whether it's just a little gay for two guys to make out.

The Valentine's Day convo NOBODY wants to be on the receiving end of!

And finally, am I the only woman who looks at this panda picture and thinks of a teenage encounter?! I sure hope so!

Happy Valentine's Day and Half-Price Chocolate Day to all y'all! :-)


nancy =) said...

i love coming to this blog...tons of fun stuff, always =)

have a great weekend with L and you must share with us your birthday!


dondon009 said...

"Will I find love in 2006?" The damned champagne bubbles answered "not likely!"

I will never again read champagne bubbles... I will just continue to drink more and more of it. Maybe next year?

Have a glorious Valentine's Day my dears........ DON~

sttropezbutler said...

Hope you two had a blast....and can't wait for the update! Thanks for the up links! Much needed.....LOL


Blogzie said...

The Magic Champagne Glass knows its stuff!

I asked two questions:

“Will Bush be impeached?”

Response: Absolutely

“Will I go to Heaven?”

Response: Not A Chance

How perfect is that?

Great links, as always.

You are the DOLL!


Writer Mom said...

Ha! Yep...thanks for the boost! I've been funky lately. I'm gonna have to get off my arse and make Valentine's Day my good excuse to cheer up.
Happy Valentine's Day to you! Sounds like you're on it!

(Boy, would that show make me happy!)

sjobs said...

I love the Sweet Potato Queens....

Love, for the first time in 41 years, I think I can actually say that I am there, in love. It is a wonderful feeling.

Have a great birthday!!!

sjobs said...

I liked the answers in my champagne..