Thursday, February 16, 2006

The spoiled brat with the fetish who won't shut up.

Some days it just doesn't pay to turn on the computer.

Today I unified people on both sides of the culture wars who clicked onto my blogs (willingly, I might add, and with no prompting from me other than my usual comment-links and e-mail signature). An opponent to same-sex marriage said that I am "spoiled" and that it is my "sense of entitlement" that is making me push for special rights. This was prompted by the "pandas for my birthday" post. An "ally" asked, "What are you, ten?" Another so-called ally with a bad family history of her own basically wagged her virtual finger in my virtual face to tell me how lucky I am to have family willing to buy me anything because, after all, I'm queer, and then another s-s marriage opponent, who seemed shocked that some of us have families who care about us, said the same thing. As if I did not already mention that I feel incredibly blessed and lucky. As if I don't know it every day.

Also, I have a skinchick fetish because the love of my life shaves her head and everyone knows I have that thing for Sinead O'Connor, and of course there's something wrong with that. The two people who said that really needs to do a Google search--they'd shut the hell up if they did, at least once they recovered from their fit of the vapors. Boy, do they got it wrong. What I do have a thing for is skinny, doe-eyed women (you can blame all those Audrey Hepburn movies I watched with my mom for that--I credit Audrey myself), and they look good with short-short hair. My absolute fetish is for independent-minded people with a style of their own. When I met my wife, she had hair to her waist, and I was really upset when she first cut it off; I wanted her to try letting her hair grow when she found out it was coming in curly, too. But bald is beautiful on her, too, and that particular gift only begins with the box.

Also I am incredibly annoying according to a couple of vocal posters on a webforum I normally like. This coming from people who specialize in the kind of juvenile insults I thought I was leaving behind when I graduated middle school--and the thing is, these two overgrown Mertles are significantly older than I am! Sometimes age really does come alone, unaccompanied by wisdom. I bet they'd consider me just fascinating if I posted thread after thread of insults and constantly "corrected" people rather than trying to support others and posting news or cute pictures or weird and funny stories. The thing is, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I were like that. So I'll let the babies have their bottle, and log off if they get too obnoxious. I can always come back when the fun adults who seem to like me well enough are on.

Why do I bother? Oh yeah...cute pandas that I'll do whatever I can to support. And ranting when I need to. And cool people like you who'll say, "No, that's okay, they're idiots, we like you." :-D


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say:

"No, that's okay, they're idiots, we like you."

Sometimes people amaze me...other times they simply disappoint the hell out of me.

I'd give you pandas for your birthday if I could!


morguenlefay said...

fetish? well, i don't think you have a fetish per se, but anyway, who else's business is that?

re: same sex marriage. since when is asking for the same rights as every married couple in america asking for "special" rights? you pay the same taxes don't you?

some people are born ignorant and die ignorant. i wouldn't worry about it, the people who love you know the truth.


morguenlefay said...

hey lilo? guess whoooooo? :)

oh, yeah, i forgot "no, that's okay, they're idiots, we like you."

CrackerLilo said...

I have a couple of guesses, morguenlefay...

PANDA POWER back to you! :-D

The Fat Lady Sings said...

You know - joke 'em if they can't take a fuck! Who cares what the idiot fringe think? You're happy, your wife is happy - anyone who takes umbrage can all go get bent! Anyway - just wanted to tell you I included your blog in my Friday Features segment. Come take a look whenever you like. Enjoy the weekend!

alan said...

I could tell you to ignore the idiots, they're everywhere and seem to be becoming more numerous (perhaps we should kick them out of the gene pool?), but you already know that!

Instead, I'll wish you the happiest birthday ever, and hope that whoever wins the Powerball will spring for some pandas for you!


Clandestine said...

"No, that's okay, they're idiots, we like you."


Jaded&Opinionated said...

I'm a tad astonished that anyone would say crap like that to you. I just read the panda post and my first thought was "wow, how caring and selfless of her."

If a church refuses to perform a same sex marriage ceremony because it is against their beliefs and doctrines, fine. So be it. I'm not suggesting it's right, but I don't expect a church to go against their beliefs for any reason, marriage included, whether I agree with them or not. However, not everyone practices that religion, or any religion at all in some cases, so the idea that a marriage shouldn't then be legal when done at the court house is crazy to me. Plenty of straight couples opt for a civil the very very least, same sex couples should be afforded that same basic right. And who is this person who said you should consider yourself lucky that your family would buy you anything since you're queer? I will be happy to kick some ass. Are you effin' kidding me? She thinks your family shouldn't love you because your spouse is a wife? Oh my GOD. I'd hate to have her for a mother.

Blogging in general is now so very strange to me. People only seem to like me when I'm saying something controversial. When I post nice stuff, I get few, if any, comments, and I get a number of emails suggesting that I'm too much of a bitch to have a good life, so I must be making it up. People seem to like it when others appear more miserable than they themselves are...makes them feel better about themselves.

They're idiots. We love you.

Blogzie said...

It never ceases to amaze me why some people choose to be miserable. Even when they are shouting from the rooftops how un-miserable they are, it just confirms all the more that they are really and truly miserable human beings.

There is so much ugliness out there ITRW that one would hope we could be supportive of each other here in cyberspace.

I’ve dealt with it as well. Now I just put them on ignore. Life’s too short and I get tired too easily.

You are the most selfless and truly upbeat person in the blogging community.

And no, it’s NOT okay that they are self-centered idiots.

And yes, we DO love you.

Like crazy baby…


BostonPobble said...

Everyone else has come up with witty or wise comments. All I have right now is a heaping can of whoop-ass that is yours whenever you need it. Pick me! Pick me!

They're not even idiots. I won't give them that much credit. ;)

sttropezbutler said...

You're the top.

You're the cream in my coffee...

You're the top..and I can't remember the rest..but you get my drift!

STB said...

people sure do get brave when protected by a monitor, don't they?