Monday, March 20, 2006

Food and stuff

L'Ailee liked the pseudo-pastrami! "I've never had fish this way," she said. "It's not a pastrami texture, more of a lox texture, and it's not quite the usual taste. But it *is* very good." While we were waiting out the rain-delayed race on Sunday (it was run today; Kasey Kahne won and Tony Stewart came in fifth), she and her best friend were consuming the whole container by themselves, mostly on sandwiches. I'll probably make the sauce a lot more often; I'll make the entire recipe again for her birthday or something.

Readers remarked on my "stamina." Actually, the hard parts were smelling the icky fish and letting the stuff cure. The actual preparation was very easy, I thought. By the way, the glass containers from Crate and Barrel are *wonderful* for this kind of thing. They don't catch permanent odors or stains, not even from that recipe, and they keep food well, too.

There's another questionable seafood treat I heard about this weekend, and I had to tease my brother about it. Long John Silver's lobster bites! About three dollars for bits of breaded part-lobster nuggets.

Why I teased my brother: When the Dorkfish was five, his best friend's mother introduced him to lobster. Mom took him out to McDonald's for a Happy Meal the next week. He asked for a lobster Happy Meal. Me and Mom and the cashier all laughed. "That's a *very* Happy Meal!" said the cashier. And now, it looks like he can have something like a lobster happy meal! He didn't see nearly as much humor in it as I did.

He had something to tease me about, though. I hate, hate, hate, HATE signs for barbecue places that show happy smiling pigs, and Famous Dave's is the worst! That pig is freakin' cannibalistic--he's smiling while holding up a rack of ribs! How gross is that?!?! And now you can get their barbecue sauce in the store, so I have to see those damn labels now! ICK!

I almost wish Butterfinger would adopt similar packaging, especially for their oh-so-addictive little Easter eggs. (It's Ostara, the Spring Equinox, today! They're Ostara eggs!) I have such cravings for both chocolate and peanut butter when I'm PMS-y.

Oh, and on a non-food-related note, I saw "V for Vendetta." It's good if you go in wanting a slightly more highbrow action movie than usual, but like the Matrix (which was produced by the same team responsible for V), it's not nearly as smart or profound as the people involved seem to think it is.


Trudy Booty Scooty said...

Congrats on the success of your fish dish!! It sounded wonderful! :)

Christine said...

Yay, I'm glad it turned out well. Sounds interesting. Not sure if I'll ever get up the energy to make it (plus I doubt I have patience for a 3 day wait at all)...but...I'm glad to know how it turned out. :) And yes, the timing of my question was a bit uncanny wasn't it?

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Well now - I'm with Christine - it does sound interesting. That's a whole lotta time though! I'm glad it came out well. I was wondering if she'd like it....

sttropezbutler said...

Spring was sprung yesterday...we had morning storms to usher in the new season.

Glad it all worked, however I'm not surprised. I remember your Thanksgiving feast!


alan said...

It's Tuesday now, wife's day off and since she worked last weekend and I work this next Saturday, I burnt a vacation day so we'd have some time together. Saw "V" this morning, "8 Below" this afternoon, then came home and watched the 2nd "Zorro" that we missed in the theare.

Liked all 3...

Wonder what "W" would do if 800,000 of us showed up outside the White House?