Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Low-grade bitchiness, plus links.

I have just been in the most frustrating state of low-grade bitchiness ever since I found out about the Massachusetts out-of-state marriage decision. I still don't know if we're legally married or not. (I know we are emotionally.) L'Ailee and I have reached a point we sort of dreaded--we're jealous of our straight friends and relatives who are getting married this summer, even though we love them and brought them together. They don't have to worry about it, you know? They'll be married and just stay married, unless, knock on wood, something goes wrong between *them*. There won't be any judges or representatives yanking it out from under them. No lawyer's gonna make a name for his or herself at the expense of their lives, no politician's gonna treat their love as political capital that they can oh-so-freely spend, no activist is gonna fulminate against them and use them to generate funds. We have to keep reminding ourselves and each other, we want them to be happy. It's just that we want what they have, is all.

Mom and I fought last night, too. The only complements she ever really gives me are the kind that go "You'd be okay *if*..." Which is not a complement at all, despite what she says. I told her, "A complement is when you point out something right with another person, something that doesn't need changing." She accused me of being overly sensitive. Well, she's known me longer than anyone else; she should know that about me by now.

The girl got pulled out of L'Ailee's gymnastics class. Thankfully, her supervisor has bent over backwards to tell her she's done nothing wrong and that he wished the mother had treated the matter differently. It still hurts her feelings a bit, she still wants to use the mother as a practice dummy for her *other* classes, we still feel horrible for that kid.

I think I'll share some links now.

Bi women are sluts, bi men are rare, and lesbians are like men! Science says so!

An excellent rebuttal to the notion that gay rights are incompatible with religious liberty.

Awesome Reason article...What War on Christians? Disagreement isn't oppression.

Multiple shades of wrong--a director wants to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa!

A mother reads and reviews fashion books after realizing that her three-year-old son has a better eye for fashion than she does.

Y'all should check Holly Brook's new EP out. Sensitive girly pop, but very good.

And just to end things on a lighter note, Interior Desecrations, which highlights interiors from the worst era in American design--the Seventies! I swear, the only things of any taste or style or value made in the Seventies were the people. ;-)


Zoe said...

I know exactly how you feel on the marriage issue, you're happy for them but jealous and angry at the same time. How long will we have to wait to be equal?

sttropezbutler said...

So sorry about the situation with the student.

Ignorance is a hideous thing.

Zooming into the weekend and hope you are as well!


cats said...

freedom is freedom... and when we take away the freedoms of one group then all the rest of us suffer too...

...and apparently that means suffering through a movie where paris hilton plays mother teresa.