Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh, look! Butterfly!

Trudy called me on my bullshit! Last night, I did in fact want to talk about that really hot INXS video and the hot ideas I had for L'Ailee based on it and It's Happy Bunny car stuff and evolution at work in big cities. But I do have this tendency to say something serious, especially in real life, and then immediately throw out the jokes or other amusements right afterwards. I bare my soul, and then point to nowhere and squeal, "Look, butterfly!"*

But right now, I actually do just want to share some cool links.

My friend Mona is proving that she is a VERY good friend to me and L'Ailee, who are as different in coloring and build as two short Caucasian women can be, by telling us to get whatever matrons-of-honor dresses we want from this page as long as they are some shade of pink. We love her. We adore her. We are so grateful she is not making us choose from this year's full-price models--chartreuse and full skirts! It really is a bad fashion year. Mona's also the one whose wedding we're going to France for, so she's definitely our favorite at the moment.

T-shirt for anyone as sick of that stupid Chuck Norris fad as I am.

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I'd like to share a link to a really good electronics recycling company.

Also, did you know most of those Victoria's Secret catalogs are printed on 100 percent virgin paper? As if straight guys wouldn't enjoy the images so much on partially recycled. I know they're not getting another dime of mine for a while. The good news is, they can be changing beginning in June...

Mark Morford asks, Do you need a $500 vibrator?, then links to several toys that I intend to purchase just as soon as we win the Powerball. I thought engraved *jewelry* was really personal and impossible to take back!

The British Navy is paying for an MTF's tattoos acquired during her naval service to be removed. She wants to get rid of 'em on the grounds that they are unladylike. And you know, I can sort of understand that desire, but...aside from the fact that I know this one really cute genetic girl who has no problem baring her tattoos in summer--actually, quite a few of them--the outrageous part is when you see who and what got denied coverage at the end.

A sad and perfect article by a former Christian: Jesus and I broke up

And going back to Earth Day...The National Zoo's smart enough to make some much-needed extra money from its adorable ambassador for endangered species, Tai Shan, by selling his baby book in time for his first birthday! I'm going to buy it, of course. There was a great article about his impact in the Kansas City Infozine (no wonder Atlanta's trying for a Butterstick of their very own!)

You can see the wonderful screencaps at to see what all the fuss is still about.

*This is a joke between me and my brother.


The Fat Lady Sings said...

Interesting stuff - thanks for the pointers. And you know - I had completely spaced that tomorrow was earth day. Everything kind of runs together lately. Hope your weekends a good one. Take care……

cats said...

it makes me wonder what i would buy if i had an extra $500 to blow.

yes, that was supposed to be a pun.

sttropezbutler said...

Merci as always darling....


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

THe pandas were so cool to see. Thanks for sharing the link!!!


Trudy Booty Scooty said... sorry, Crackers! I need to learn to keep my observational babbling to myself!

Wonderful Pandas...and oh the toys ~ oh so many one can ever have enough! If I had $500.00 I know exactly what I'd buy! lol


Inanna said...

Thanks for the links, I'll try as best I can to get to them. Happy weekend!