Monday, May 29, 2006

Could be worse

What a lousy race day yesterday was. Danica came in eighth at the Indianapolis 500 (but what a finish by Sam Hornish!) And then Tony Stewart, who was driving injured from a crash at Saturday’s Busch race, couldn’t finish because he broke his shoulder blade in another crash at the Nextel Cup race. Poor baby; he looked absolutely miserable when they were pulling him out of his car. This is a man who’s won while sick and ran away from Victory Lane to barf; it must have taken a lot to put that look on his face. I don’t know if he’ll be racing next week, but it could have been lots worse.

Also, Kasey Kahne broke Jimmie Johnson’s streak at the Charlotte track. I’m not a Kasey fan, but I’m *really* not a Johnson fan!

It’s going to be a bad surf day, too, assuming you can even get to the beach. So I’m just going to bring all the makings for Ocean Waters, limeades, and cherry limeades to my instructor Yasmeenie’s picnic—I’ve bought soooo much Sprite and Diet Sprite this weekend!—and get ready to dance for everybody.

I’ve danced to other artists for other recitals, everything from Gretchen Wilson to Mos Def to actual traditional Middle Eastern music--but at the picnic/recital for our friends last year, I danced to Sinead O’Connor’s “I Am Stretched On Your Grave,” and today, because Yasmeen told me to be sexy, it’s going to be “I Want Your (Hands On Me).” Some people are going to think I can’t dance to anyone else’s music! (*smiles* at Kelley.)

Remember who and why the day off is for, of course, but I hope y’all have a good one anyway.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I love Danica. She is such a great role model.

Sounds like you are going to have a really nice day today!!! I DO celebrate and honor this day. It is a most sacred day.

Peace to you and yours,

Kelley Bell said...


Ive got something you can dance to!

Defying Gravity

(But please excuse my lousey cell phone recording. Ive gotta work on my audio blogger technical skills.)

puhpaul said...

I love Danica too, but it was amazing watching Sam Hornish make that last second pass. I really thought that Marco Andretti would win after he blew by his dad like he did. What a day for him, running in first place until the end and then coming in second by only 6/100ths of a second.

scribble said...

just stopping in to say hello.
hope your weekend was wonderful,

LeLo in NoPo said...

I'm still grasping the amazing cross section of interests you have. A wiccan who loves nascar? You fascinate me!