Monday, May 08, 2006

"Idiot! Absolute idiot!"

Women say they want wavy hair, or fine hair and lots of it. I *have* wavy, fine-yet-thick hair, and I can tell you all with great certainty--it's not as good as you might think. I keep it long (it's about mid-back right now; hasn't been there in a while) because it's the one body part that I consistently get complements on, and I think it can look pretty, too. However, it loses any style I put it in very quickly and gets tangled up even more quickly. When we watch TV at home, I'm often laying with my head on L'Ailee's lap as she runs her long, spidery fingers through my hair, braiding and twisting and combing. I've tried reminding her that if she wants to play with someone's hair, she can let her own grow, but she replied, "Yours is more fun," and expected that to be good enough. So I let her have her fun. It's not as if she got any opportunities to play with Barbies or anything, growing up as she did in East BFE, Siberia, and anyway, she gets some of the tangles out.

We were in this position Saturday night, watching the race in Richmond. We delighted as Kevin Harvick began absolutely dominating the race. He's had an awesome year so far! He lapped the hateful Jimmie Johnson. He lapped Greg Biffle. He kept leading, and leading, and leading. And then his crew chief, Todd Berrier, made the stupidest decision of the night. When the other drivers pitted for fresh fuel and tires, he made Harvick stay out. We gasped in disbelief. "That stupid summabitch! He's gonna get behind!" I yelped, as L'Ailee exclaimed, "Idiot! Absolute idiot!" The cars got back out, and Harvick struggled to hold on to his lead with that severe disadvantage. L'Ailee, all nerved up, proceeded to twist my hair so tight, I squealed, "Goddammit, that *hurts*!" just as Harvick was being passed.
"I know! I hope he can get it back..."
"No, my *hair*! Let go!"

But it did hurt, totally, to see Mr. Hype himself, Dale Earnhardt Jr., take the lead. L'Ailee and I have a distrust of excessive hype in common, and we're annoyed by Junior just because so many people love him so uncritically. He seems to love himself a bit too much, too. The cheers of the fans when he took the lead were so loud, we could hear them over the tires. When that happened at the Daytona 500 in 2004, and he passed Tony Stewart, L'Ailee began cheering for Tony along with me just so I wouldn't feel so alone in the stands. She told me afterwards, "It's just as well that Stewart lost. These people would have torn him to pieces." Yep, she picked up the subtle nuances of NASCAR fast.

We suffered through Junior's big ol' grin in Victory Lane just to hear Harvick. He came in third, but under the circumstances, that wasn't so great at all. Harvick is one of those drivers who's always an entertaining interview, and even more entertaining the madder he gets. But he was nowhere to be found afterwards--the reporter noted that his crew couldn't find him. Of course not. There are probably fines for giving one's crew chief a beatdown with a tire jack, and there are definitely fines for cussing--had Harvick talked, he'd probably have talked himself into a multi-million dollar fine, even if everyone in the NASCAR Nation would've understood his point of view completely. What we can understand in real life has no connection with what the FCC thinks we can handle, alas...and that's another post, for another time.

I got some links, too. I don't know why I've been so "linky" lately, but I do love to share.

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Carie said...

lol I agree with so much of your NASCAR out look, but I do kinda like Junior, we met Kerry Earndhart a few times and he was so sweet, we met Junior once, he was so quiet, looked scared of all the attention...but the greatest was when we met Tony Stewart, he raced his midget at our local small track, he was so funny and took it all in stride...

tony and Michael Waltrip are my top 2 lol then theres Kenny Wallace, he cracks me up...

after the races I always think of what you thought of it as well...I love racing :o) and now that our racing season has started locally we have to miss a few NASCAR ones due to the boyfriend racing lol, when I do I come here to see what really happend lol...

sttropezbutler said...

Girl with hair in pain!

And Nascar to boot!

Hope you're having a great week!


The Fat Lady Sings said...

I understand your gripe about fine hair. Mine is fine-textured, thick and curly - so no matter what I try and do - it eventually does what the hell it wants anyhow. I've always worn it long - the weight keeps it from rising up with natural static. There are times if I blow dry it in the winter when I look as if I were hooked up to a Vandegraff generator!