Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No they didn't!

The link will take you to Big Teaze Toys, producer of those adorable yet naughty I Rub My Duckie "personal massagers." (We got three of those among our wedding presents, incidentally.)

Just found out they make other critters. Including Wormie and Fishie.

And OH. MY. GODS. The Duckie also has a Penguin friend!

Perfectly designed for massaging my aching knees, of course.


Newsandseduction said...
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BostonPobble said...

When I was working at "The Store" we got one of the original duckies in. Because of the packaging, we couldn't open it and play with it but we were dying to do so. So I bought one. It became the store mascot ~ complete with sign around its neck reading "Please...Be Gentle." It now sits in my bathroom with the other rubber duckies people have given me thinking I collect them. :)

cats said...

i've actaully thought about getting the silent prince one because i like getting him ducks and the vibrations are good stimulation for him.

but then i worry that other moms will say, "how cute! where did you get it so i can get my kid one!"

alan said...



Zoe said...

Those are great! I think I need one for my, my uh, my elbo. I'm always throwing it out during softball tourney time.