Friday, June 23, 2006

Au revoir, y'all!

I'm going to start by answering a question I was asked. I was once Assemblies of God, then a church-shopper, then sort of a slackass Christian who preferred to watch NASCAR and make pancakes than go to church. In 1996, I discovered Marion Weinstein's Positive Magick. I can't find a website for her, but she seems to be a lot of people's first Pagan authors. I loved her message about using your thinking and words to affect your life. In 1997, I dedicated myself to the Gods. One day I'll talk more in depth. Today ain't that day.

This is what I really want to talk about: We just had the kyu-uuu-test UPS woman come in!!!! She's new. She's short. She's very butch, with spiky black hair and just enough muscle. And she looked *damn good* in those shorts! I was twirling my hair, batting my eyelashes, and letting her get a good look at my cleavage, all entirely on reflex, I assure y'all. Yes, she's that hot. "What *can* brown do for me?" I purred to my straight work friend. She proved that some straight people are willing to encourage their bi and gay friends' relationships by smacking the back of my head and reminding me who I was going home to. I've told y'all I hardly ever look at other women, but I truly think UPS has a strict policy of hiring only nice-looking men and hot butch women. And you know, I'm married, but I ain't blind!

So. Anyway. I misstated myself a couple days ago. We're gonna be back on *Wednesday* night, recuperating on Thursday. I know, short trip, but them's the breaks. It'll be nice to have a little taste of France, anyway. That's more than I've got right now. I don't know if I can rent a surfboard, but I'm going to try. We're definitely going to Grasse. Going in just a few hours; gonna be *there* tomorrow! Can't wait!!!

L'Ailee is scared of planes, and I'm scared of a zillion little things in France (looking stupid river-surfing, accidentally eating some animal's innards, terminal rudeness, making something go splody because of the wiring being different, another riot, something bad happening here while I'm away...) But the rain's passed, and so far at least, we seem to be doing all right and will be able to make it. I think I'll split a bottle of Tylenol PM with L'Ailee on the plane.

But we're more scared of not going and being stuck in our tiny little comfort zones. Plus, we wouldn't miss watching our friends get married for the world! So let's see how good our high-school French *really* is!

I have to leave behind some links.

I'm gonna miss the mermaid parade! Next year...

Good op-ed on how the "party of Lincoln" went far astray regarding the Voting Rights Act.

Finally, an advice columnist gets it right about bis! Bi *men*, even!

Why the New Crisis in Marriage, Isn't.

Some Christian Nationalists really seem to want people to live either their way, or not at all. (I like "Christian Nationalist" as a way to distinguish the religious nuts from the spiritual fruits, to paraphrase the bumper sticker.)

And....Is it okay to skip periods?

See y'all next week!!!!


LeLo in NoPo said...

Bon voyage!!!!!

I n g e r said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

xo Inger

scrappy rose said...

Mmmm... cute, butch, mind wanders! How about posting a pic for us?!?

Inanna said...

Turn and burn, baby! Bon voyage! Have a wonderful time! UPS kicks ass!

scribble said...

have a wonderful trip.
You two deserve it.

Barbara said...

Have a great trip. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Blogzie said...

Are you home yet?

I missed you, but hope you had a fabulous time.

Are the two of you wearing cute litle matching berets?