Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Interesting theories

Today wasn't much, except that L'Ailee and I visited with each other in her gym late this afternoon. The doors to the classrooms have little windows in the doors; she had her face up against the one to the room where I was belly-dancing. I've convinced Yemaya O'Reilly, my friend from Orlando, to join the class, and it is *fun*. Anyway, I had to go see what L'Ailee wanted afterwards; she just wanted to watch. :-) We talked a bit, and then I went home. Sometimes I can't see her because she's teaching a class, playing with the gymnastics equipment, or talking with someone else, so it was nice to steal a few extra minutes together.

I have developed three theories over the past few days, and I've shared them elsewhere, but perhaps I should share in my blogs, too.

First of all, while people still talk about "man-hating lesbians", I haven't really met any. L'Ailee is purely lesbian; her best friends are a bi man, a gay man, and a straight man. And most other lesbians I know have male friends, work well with men, and at least tolerate them. All they dislike is sex with men--duh? The women who *really* hate men are the ones who've been burned by them, I think. In other words, straight and bi women. Familiarity, after all, breeds contempt. I came up with the idea after my ninety-ninth listen to Sinead's "No Man's Woman" this week, or was it after my seventy-fifth listen to Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats"? Anyway, living with L'Ailee has cured any desire I ever had--which was minimal, as I have some male friends myself--to tell man jokes or utter statements like "men are dogs." Meanwhile, the straight women in my life can be downright vicious about men!

Don't worry, guys, I'm pretty much over it now. I'll still be fantasizing about me and Tony Stewart on the infield at Talladega this week. He's saying he's got a girlfriend now. Maybe he felt the need to say something, because there were gay rumors about him. Which leads me to my second theory--straight guys always seem to play the gay rumor card, or at least start insulting and disliking a male athlete or entertainer, as soon as enough women get to liking him.

I also believe that the Mark Foley incident(s) demonstrate, once and for all, that the real threat to young males is not openly gay men, but the closet. Now, members of the Christian Wrong are making an extra-special effort to smear gay men. They would be anyhow. I'm going to be a slackass and c/p from a comment I made at Yahoo! Answers:

When will people smarten up? It's not openly gay men who abuse young boys or have any desire to. *They* love other openly gay *men*. It's closet cases like Foley, priests, the mayor in Spokane, "good family men" who coach Little League, etc. who end up in this kind of trouble. It's men who have traded their integrity for a bit of power and acceptance.
I really, really hope that the right people are getting it. It seems like an excellent theme for Coming Out Day (October 11th) this year, anyhow.

Of course I have some links. :-)

The funniest commentary on Foley yet is in Reason magazine.

The song in my head right now, Rhonda Vincent and the Rage's "Heartbreaker's Alibi". I figured someone involved with this video was a bit kinky, since Rhonda Vincent was bound with telephone cords and blindfolded. This may say more about me than anyone else, just like the rest of my theories. :-)

A cluster of genes that may affect depression was isolated.

Liberty [For Straight Conservative Christians Only] Sunday is back and badder than ever.

And finally, from the Onion: A "small and flaccid" ad campaign didn't work. :-D


SassyFemme said...

I don't think I've ever met a man hating lesbian, either. I think, though, that I probalby fall into the category of "can easily live in a world without men." I prefer the interactions, social and professional, and leadership of women.

Kelley Bell said...

Hi Cracker,
Just wanted to say thanks for brightening my day.


cats said...

i've met one man-hating lesbian in my life, but to be fair i'm pretty sure she hated women too. (she was not the most stable person i've ever known)

this whole mess with foley is driving me crazy. blame everyone but the grown man who did it... and forget that the victim was a child, not the republican party.

Carie said...

The Tony Stewart win was amazing...we were cheering, yelling and was so cool, man did he show them all that he is still the best ;o)

dondon009 said...

I'm completely with you on the Foley theory..... In all my years as an out gay male, I've never encountered an openly gay male fantasizing about underage males.... WE tend to like MEN!

As for the pedophiles, closeted gay males seem to prefer the more vulnerable who are more easily controlled.

As a gay male who is blessed with having more lesbian friends than gay friends; both at work and socially, I've not encountered any male haters..... but then again, there are individuals who just seem to hate "everybody" including themselves!

Love to you both.....

lightfeather said...

I do think you are right Ms. Lilo. Many of us straight girls can be pretty bitter :-) at least for a while.

Thanks for making me smile.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I have many friends who "greatly dislike the male species". Hate feels like too strong a word.

Inanna said...

Hi CrackerLilo! Thanks for the links!