Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Suds in the Bucket

"Real love and real life/doesn't have to be perfect/baby, every little piece of the puzzle/doesn't always fit/perfectly/love can be/rough around the edges/tearing at the seams..."--"Perfect"

"Now all the biddies in the beauty shop/gossip goin' non-stop/Sippin' on pink lemonade/How could 18 years just up and walk away/Our little pony-tailed girl/growed up to be a woman/Now she's gone in the blink of an eye/She left the suds in the bucket/And the clothes hangin' out on the line."--"Suds in the Bucket"

I don't have much going on. I composed my last two entries in Word, and have learned that this makes links hard to use. So, sorry to y'all. The stories and the reviews and the cutie-pie panda cub are all easier to access now. Back to Wordpad for me.

Speaking of computery stuff, why can't you position a picture for your desktop to the left or right, so buttons don't cover, for example, your so-autumny picture of a panda cub raking her yard? (This one is Su Lin, the little girl in San Diego.) It kind of irritates me; you'd think that could be done.

I don't have much going on in my own life right now. L'Ailee loves "Dancing With the Stars," and I love Sara Evans. Yes, she's very conservative, but she's an awesome singer. I love so many of her songs: "Born to Fly," "Suds in the Bucket," etc. "Suds" was actually sort of my own personal rallying cry when my relatives objected to my marrying L'Ailee. It was about an 18-year-old whose marriage scandalized her community, and I could identify with it.

The details are really ugly. I have always believed that in a divorce, the truth is in the middle. (This stance infuriated L'Ailee's best friend last year, when he was going through his divorce, but L'Ailee agreed with me.) If even half of Sara's claims are true, the guy is lower than pond scum and she should be, as Sweet Potato Queens say, adding a new patio to her house.

What really shocks me is the hypocrisy of it. Tom DeLay took time out to ask people to vote for her, because she's conservative and liberals shouldn't win dance contests. (She didn't ask for this "help".) Her ex-husband, a former Republican senatorial candidate, referred to a gay costume designer as a "sodomite." Yet the ex-husband's freaky as all get-out. I guess I shouldn't be shocked--it's such a familiar story--but it does seem to be a case of three fingers pointed back to self.
Which brings me to a new set of links, that actually work this time:

Straight married couples are officially a minority. It's a thing, not a good thing or a bad thing. Yet I can't help thinking that messy divorces may be a contributing factor.

Are Evangelicals Over? A contention that sexual hypocrisy and ignoring real moral issues is making them less of a force.

An account of the ACLU conference in DC

The Alliance Defense Fund thinks voters are stupid.

Finally, I'm trying this for Samhain--Mexican candied pumpkin!


Kelley Bell said...

Yes, voters are stupid.

SassyFemme said...

OMG, I cannot get over the letter from DeLay. Unfreakinbelievable. I like Sara though, she's cute and sweet. I would imagine there's got to be some level of truth to this, and I feel bad for her.

Carie said...

I love suds in the bucket :o) great song...I believe alot like you about there being truth in the middle...

Zanne said...

I just discovered Sara-am intrigued and let's face it, she is hot! ;)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Suds in the bucket, loved that.

Inanna said...

I have Tai Shan on my mouse pad. Yes, the truth lies in the middle.

nlocco said...

pardon my haste ... "studs in the back" now goonto and dont vote.