Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's tour other sites today!

"They still had their HANS and their helmets on, so it didn't impress me."--Tony Stewart on the Harvick/Montoya fight

I don't have much of my own to say. I said it all on Saturday. But any week that begins with a Kevin Harvick/Juan Pablo Montoya shoving match, a win by Tony Stewart, and Karl Rove's resignation has got to be a good one, though, just has to!!!

If you read about the American Family Association's attacks on "hedonistic" women's magazines like Redbook in my post below, you may remember that I mentioned wanting to write an article about it for Talk2Action, a website dedicated to exposing and opposing American Christianists. Well, now I've done it. Read it here!

And then there are other links:

Christianist young women don't need magazines anyway. They can major in homemaking! Think this Baptist college got the idea from Landover Baptist!

Listen to all of Ian Brown and Sinead O'Connor's "Illegal Attacks", not just the sample I posted a few days ago, over at YouTube.

So that's why we have "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"...Gays Too Precious to Risk In Combat!

And again from the Onion: Small Town Holds Annual Gay Shame Parade.

Ten things Bush did right on civil liberties. By the Civil Liberties guide at About.com. Seriously.

If it's supposed to be "green", why's the environmental movement so dang white?

You know how McDonald's managers all hyped up on their little bit of power try to make breast-feeding mothers feed their babies in their nasty-ass bathrooms? (I've seen it with mothering friends.) That's kind of the way things work at the Ronald McDonald House, too. Some mothers want to do something about that.

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dondon009 said...

Major in homemaking, stay home cooking, cleaning and having babies while your husband is partying at the local brothel or hanging around local parks cruising the mens room! Am I reading too much news lately?

BTW.... I published an article on Saturday "A case for gay marriage" which I think you might find interesting. I know I keep preaching about other gay issues that we need to be concerned with, but I am now convinced that the issue of gay marriage has to remain at the forefront.

Hugs to both of you.....