Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring and Stuff!

Happy Spring to everyone in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere! Happy whatever you're having to everyone else! :-) I'm actually celebrating this weekend (not that other holiday, though I'm still buying chocolate!), and I know it's just a prelude to hot and muggy weather, but the Spring Equinox still makes me happy.

I'm grateful that justice has been served today, too. The inspector responsible for the crane that collapsed was arrested today for falsifying the inspection. It's being treated as the serious and willful disregard for life it is, and not just an "office oopsie," TTG!!!!!! Nobody I knew was affected by the crane collapse. However, there have been several times in which me and my sharp-eyed L'Ailee--my wife especially--have looked at something that just seems off on a construction site and wondered, "How is that safe?" We know the answer now. We won't let it pass again. I'm sure many others feel the same way.

I have been working a lot, both at my job where I'm suddenly being expected to earn my paycheck and on a redecorating project which the owner is taking on "before the economy gets *really* bad." I briefly protested in front of the Times Square recruiting station on Wednesday. The recent scares in NYC have had the strange yet satisfying side effect of making L'Ailee and I more excitable than a New York governor. (Sorry! Couldn't resist!) I've been concentrating on my Blog Against Theocracy entry. This is going to be my first participation in a blogswarm ever. But I've had ideas swirling around my head like so many gnats, so I want to write them down, and this seemed like a good excuse. I'll be seeing y'all tomorrow.

Until then, some links about things you know I care about:

Florida state senator introduces pro-LGBT adoption bill!

Poland's president picked the wrong guys to illustrate his anti-SSM speech.

Tony Stewart finally got his back hair waxed off. Look at the slideshow and listen here. Remember that scene with Steve Carell? It sounded a lot like that. Smoke lost a bet with friend and fellow driver Kevin Harvick, whom he apparently forgave for last weekend's race-losing crash. This year's going to be like a trip to the day spa for Tony--reporters want to cut his hair when he wins his first race of the year, too!

The National Zoo is working very hard to produce another beautiful panda cub....even though Tai Shan hurt his keeper with an oh-so-sharp claw. I'm sure the not-so-little guy just wanted to play.

A Massachusetts student was punished with an in-school suspension for violating her school's dress code. She wore a sweater over her school uniform on a chilly day! Her mother *served the suspension with her*. L'Ailee had a good laugh, because her former high school, which also required uniforms, actually added three new prohibitions to the dress code on her account.

Virtual massage can relieve amputees' phantom limb pain.

Progressiveness in white, rural America.

Finally, a new book I need: The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic Book Scare and How it Changed America.


cats said...

happy spring. and so glad to hear that you and yours are ok after that crane collapse. i was watching the news in horror wondering if you were ok.

BostonPobble said...

Happy Happy Spring! Glad to hear the crane incident is indeed being treated as criminal. Glad to hear the zoo gets that the baby panda was just trying to play. Glad to hear Tony's back is waxed. Glad to hear the school district is rethinking the no sweaters policy in Winter (it's NEW ENGLAND, people! It's COLD there.) Just glad all around I guess. Thanks for the happiness.