Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bitch bitch whine whine

"And last Sunday when my Bengals lost/Lord, that put me in a bad mood...I have moments when I curse the rain/and then complain when the sun's too hot/I look around at what everyone has/and I forget about all I got."--Eddie Montgomery (Montgomery Gentry), "Lucky Man"

Isn't it weird how spectator sports can totally ruin your weekend? I joked to Alan that with the racing and hockey stuff going on, I'd barely turn off the TV, and "Al Gore's gonna make a movie about us." Danica was thrown out of contention at the Indy 500 in the pits, but almost gave us a fight. At the Coca-Cola 600, Tony Stewart came so heartbreakingly close to his first win of the season before his tire blew out. And at the Stanley Cup Finals, my Penguins have gotten their asses handed to them by L'Ailee's Red Wings for the second time in as many games. Everyone knows better than to try discussing any of these events with me today.

Oh, and another thing. I was going to perform at my belly-dancing instructor's annual Memorial Day picnic again. I ran through my routine in front of L'Ailee one last time. I ended up spraining my right ankle and straining my right *hip*. Not only did I not perform, or even go to the picnic, but I can't take classes for a couple weeks. (No post-Stanley Cup sex for me last night, either. Doesn't improve my disposition any.) TTG I can still swim, because swimming and dancing are pretty much the only reasons why I'm not one of those people on Discovery Health who have to be taken out of their house with a forklift. I had icebox cakes and bean and pasta salads ready for the picnic on Sunday, and actually managed to keep L'Ailee's two best friends out of some of them, so now we have lots of leftovers. At least I won't have to cook this week.

People have told me that my blog entries on problems like the earthquake in China give them perspective when they feel whiny. Well, I think it's okay to whine, and not just 'cause I'm doing it myself. We all get to have our turns. I think it's possible to wonder what the hell you're gonna do with all that pasta salad and be profoundly grateful that your problem is an excess of food in the house all at once. I think a human mind is big enough to hold dismay that one's sports teams and drivers all lost this weekend *and* feel sympathy for those whose Memorial Day weekends were ruined by tornadoes. For me, Memorial Day doesn't hold the meaning it does for most--my family simply hasn't produced that many soldiers. (We joke that my grandfather served...as a bartender at the VFW.) However, I know it's way more than the start of summer, especially now. I spent a couple hours of yesterday afternoon with my ankle wrapped and propped up and a pillow under my right hip, reading Mary Tillman's book about her son, Pat.. It seemed right.

Lastly, I know there are some new readers. Just to clarify, I don't pride myself on being a prolific blogger, though I appreciate those who are. I leave news-chasing to people who are better at it. I do one entry a week, two or three if things are really interesting or I'm really bored. I am contractually forbidden to say very much about my job, and I pretty much work for the weekend anyway. I'm thankful that I type fast and have liberal internet usage privileges. :-)

Links, because I know y'all love 'em!:

Sharon Stone says China had that earthquake coming because of karma. Seriously, is that shit supposed to be somehow more charming than John Hagee saying New Orleans had Katrina coming?

Why I'm only a small-l libertarian now.

Great Britain gives us M.I.A. and the Office; we give them obnoxious truckers and obnoxious Christian fundamentalism. Just doesn't seem fair!

An excellent case for political rudeness.

Aw, man, I don't wanna sympathize with Rachael Ray...

Would Barack do any better as Barry O'Bama?

Finally, I found me a Yahoo! Group for GLBT NASCAR fans! Maybe others will also be happy that such a thing exists. Great analysis with occasional discussions about how hot it would be if Smoke and Junior became more than business partners--in other words, tons of fun. Mostly guys, but I've been doing fine there, except for the fact that I kinda like crazy little Kyle Busch. ;-)


Queers United said...

If you are an LGBT Nascar fan you may enjoy this magazine I picked up free at my LGBT center. It's called http://www.sportsoutloud.com/

Miss Vicki said...

You're a belly dancer am I correct in reading this? I've gone to see my cousin on a few occasions it really helped her loose 25 pounds.

Oh yeah screw Sharon Stone!! She's up there with Barbara Walters 'aging actors that say do anything for the spotlight'. I watched a youtube vid of her speaking - yeah aging actor - the Bitch Bitch wanted to Shine Shine if only for a few minutes.

cats said...

wow, i haven't been here to read or post in so long! sorry i've been absent. i've just been terribly busy.

maybe i should try the belly dancing too since i would really like to lose some weight.

and we all need to complain every once in a while, just so long as we can see the big picture after we've gotten it our of our systems.

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Let's see. I'm twenty minutes from the Indy race, and had to find out about it on Yahoo news. I'd have been mad too, if I was Danica, and that's about the only emotion I mustered. Guess I've been in this state too long.

Sharon Stone. Ugh. Like she knows anything about how karma works.
The poor people of China are suffering. Not the ones violating the human rights OF the poor people. But we'd almost forgotten about the last stupid thing she said, so it was time for an apology worthy statement. That gets you in the news two days in a row.

Sorry about the belly dancing injury! Made my back crackle just thinking about it.

And finally (I love how your posts cause me to multi-think), I miss Decoration Day. There's Veteran's Day, and fallen soldiers deserve more than one day, but when it was Decoration Day, all our lost loved ones got remembered. And people were strict about heading back to the cemeteries with the kids for the entire day. My grandmother used to take me to the graves every year and talk about being a girl, putting flowers on the graves. I learned so much about my ancestors. Got to hear all the stories that helped me feel connected to the big circle. We don't do this any more.
So. I'm waiting on my peonies to bloom, then I'm gonna head up next weekend and give it a go for my kids. I haven't gone since she passed on in 99.
Seems only right.

Have a good weekend if I don't see you before hand! And feel better soon.

Casdok said...

Hope your injuries soon heel!

Its good to have a bitch and a whine!!

Carie said...

I was heartbroken for Tony, he was so close, I was screaming at the TV like a crazy woman...

Sharon Stone...wow, what the hell was she thinking, I mean not only should something so wrong be said, it should never be thought...my daughter came to me crying over it...she said sharon stone was just a mean mean spirited woman...

I so want to learn to belly dance, it looks so beautiful and exotic, I was actually considering signing up, I am so so so sorry for your injury :(

Deb said...

Im not a big fan of SHaron Stone and what she said was so hurtful and ignorant.

Queers United said...

You haven't blogged lately. :*( Is everything okay?