Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comment moderation

As those of y'all with sense can see from the post below, I am very busy and very stressed. Unfortunately, a user named Patrick has decided that this was the perfect time to spam me with 50-plus anti-gay comments. I get it, Patrick. I like girls, therefore you don't like me. I have reported him as the spammer that he is using the "flag blog" feature and retained a few examples of his nonsensical bullshit in the post below so that Blogspot can see the problem. For today, I am using comment moderation. It's a temporary fix. I will probably be able to visit my blogfriends tonight. Thanks to everyone who has left a *real* comment, and if there's anything else that will help, I'm open to suggestions.


MsLyn said...

Besides reporting him as spam, can you block his email address? Better yet if you can block the IP address (in case he changes email addys to harass you). Just some thoughts I had on this.

Moderate as long as you need to. I moderate all new comments on my blog, but should someone that I previously granted access to start spamming me......they are immediately listed as spam and start going to the junk list for deletion at my leisure.

It is quite unfortunate that so many don't understand that freedom of speech DOES come with the responsibility of being civil at the same time.

My guess is Patrick is just pissed that you are UNconquerable (speaks volumes of his insecurities). Oh boo hoo to him.........LOL


alan said...

Not that I believe what Patrick believes anyway, but I'd rather share hell with you than heaven with him! (If you'd have me...)

So much for tolerance in this world, eh?

If you'll forgive me; may the Brightest Blessings find the most beautiful soul I know!


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Yep, Patrick paid me a visit on my blog after he saw my comment on yours. He made an ass of himself and made Christians look like idiots. I hope Blogger blocks him. He needs to make better use of his time.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, Barbara and everyone else who may have been visited by Patrick, I am so sorry! If you want me to take you off my blogroll, I'll do it. Also, I think the more of us flag his blog as a spam blog, the more it'll be taken seriously.

MsLyn said...

I'm not worried about some loser with no social skills. Then again, I'm not gay so I've been spared his irritation..........BUT I am Pagan so let him try. I deal with worms like him daily....he might be good to use for catching fish eh?.....LOL


Snooker said...

Eh, Patrick is just a stupid pissant who hopefully will be dealt with accordingly by Blogger. I mean this is why I've stayed with Blogger and not "gone it alone" because they actually do a fair job of curtailing the spammers.
As far as your blogroll, don't change a thing. He is responding to comments, not necessarily your contacts.

BostonPobble said...


And hang in.


('re a lesbian????? I'm shocked. Shocked, I say)

The Watcher said...

I can't imagine what Patrick's problem is. You like chicks, he likes chicks. You should be best friends.

I actually once was best friends with a lesbian. It began with our mutual appreciation for the female form, and went from there :)

Casdok said...

This is why i moderate my comments to as i also get hate spam.
Very sad that people feel they have to do this.

*Ange* Life in the PS said...


I've had comments moderation on for almost two years because of an ex who likes to pop in anonymously from time to time and cause disruption in my community. He's harassed friends on my blog roll, as well, which is tough to witness.
I've thought about getting rid of my blog all together, as it became difficult last month writing from the heart, knowing he was gathering those feelings for some future attack, but the friendships I've made through this medium far outweigh my mistakes of the past, so I keep doing it.
I hope you do, too.
You're a good person.
So many have become targets in this hostile day and age, but Jesus taught us to not give up on the goodness in humanity, so I keep trying.
Hang in there.
You're being read by a lot more people who appreciate you.

Jon-Marc McDonald said...

Patrick is just mad that Ahmadinejad is stealing all his material. In a Daily News article on Friday Ahmadinejad said that homosexuality "shakes the foundations of society," "robs humanity" and "brings about disease."

It's scary how the fundie talking points seem to know no religious boundaries.

Deb said...

I had to do the same with said person. I flagged the blog, sent a report to Blogger, etc. and closed down the comments for a while on my blog.

Sorry this happened to you, my friend.

Fantod said...

Hang in there, Crackerlilo!

Hope all is going well.

alan said...

Missing you...