Thursday, September 11, 2008

I never want to say anything today, but...

Some people at my work didn't bother showing up at all. It's going to be spectacularly unproductive anyway, plus roads were getting blocked or crowded. Wish I'd been that smart. Instead I came in insanely early and got a few things taken care of.

It seems to be a pattern. I'm determined to ignore 9/11. I go to the memorial ceremony anyway. I can't take it, and then I leave the ceremony. I'd surf like I did last year, but there aren't good waves. So I'm gonna stick it out and hug people when they come back. Then I will meet L'Ailee for lunch.

L'Ailee is at her gym. There are a surprising amount of people who want to exercise it out along with her. She's not going to try doing any of the Fashion Week events today. (We can't believe anyone even *tried* putting on shows today. Some in the morning, too!) She can go to the last events tomorrow. Tonight we'll probably cuddle, a lot. I'm glad for her that she doesn't have as many nightmares around this time as she used to, and they aren't quite as powerful as they used to be.

I almost lost her on 9/11--she worked at a store in the WTC, but was scheduled for the afternoon. I lived in Orlando then, and I couldn't reach her until midnight. I realized then, really realized, that I couldn't afford not to have her in my life. That's what it means to me. The's a family funeral, and I wasn't part of the family yet. I only saw it on TV.

My condolences to everyone who lost people on 9/11, and Pagan prayers for everyone in the path of Hurricane Ike.


alan said...

I can't imagine your life without her in it...

I'm glad she was scheduled late that day!!!

I was off that day and going in for an outpatient surgery, Dottie had taken the day off to drive me. Her sister called as we got up and said turn on the TV. We did...

When we got to the doctor's office he put me in the chair and numbed my foot, then his receptionist came to tell him his wife was on the phone. Their children were being sent home from school and one of them had to go pick them up. I hadn't realized that he was Jewish, and the school wasn't taking any chances.

So many lives affected in ways that still reverberate and always will!

I'll be heading down to my own little gym in a little while, and I will think of L'Ailee through my sets today.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wow. There's no easy way to get through a 9/11 anniversary. Its not one of those tragedies that will fade in the memories of anyone old enough to remember it.

I can't imagine how you must have felt when you could not get a hold of
L'Ailee that day!!!!!

I am watching the news right now and more horror and tragedy and death.

I guess we just need to LOVE everyone around us and never take a day of life for granted.

Daisy said...

Wonderful post--I love hearing about people's 'moments of truth' concerning their beloved, and I was thinking a lot of people probably realized how much they loved a certain other person that day.