Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stupid Red Wings!

Guess I should've let the Detroit Red Wings know L'Ailee and her best friend were coming from way far away to watch them, because the bastards didn't come through for them. I wore one of her best friend's old away Wings jerseys, too. It practically itched and burned on me. 4-2 win for the Capitals! It was a good game and all, but I still sort of wish I could have given them a better outcome.

Of course, if I had that kind of magick, Stewart-Haas Racing would totally dominate NASCAR next year and the Penguins would have won tonight.


alan said...

Things might be very interesting in motor racing this year...on all fronts!

When Rahal and Letterman can't draw a sponsor to their IRL entry, it's dark times indeed!


Dr. Deb said...

I don't follow Nascar but my sister LOVES it all. Hockey, however, I do enjoy. And my city team - The Islanders - are having a banner bad year.

Carie said...

we lost our Hockey team this year :( its so sad...the Fresno Falcons just couldn't make it during the hard times...ughhh

I came here because I was reading a story that made me cry and I thought if anyone would appreciate the miracle that is this tiny Koala it would be you such a trajic thing, that fire was so horrible...the stories coming from there are so sad, so Iw as glad to see a story of survival :)

alpharat said...

No matter how they disappoint you, one is not allowed to say bad things about the Wings. Not allowed. It's the rules.

CrackerLilo said...

You see, Alpharat, that's the nice thing for me as a Pens fan. I am actually *obligated* to say bad things about the Wings, at every opportunity! And the Wings disappointed my wife and her best friend, and they were supposed to win as part of their Solstice present! So they had to be all gracious and stuff, but me, I can say whatever I want. :-)

Oh, and welcome. I'm updating tonight.