Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make it hurt, make it count!

"Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live."--Oscar Wilde

Proposition 8 was upheld by the California Supreme Court!!!!

As so many are saying, it is not unexpected. I was gratified to see straight people with white ribbons in their hair or on their lapels today. My BossLady hugged me even though L'Ailee and I are still legal, actually not affected by this at all. (Kind of like the people who thought they had "the right" to vote on someone else's marriage in the first place.) I even see a silver lining in the fact that the 18,000 couples married during their window of opportunity will remain married. Maybe people around them will see it's nothing to freak out over. At least their marriages weren't legally torn away from them--that is a sick and horrible feeling I would not wish on anyone else.

I am still so sickened and angered by the idea that anyone, anywhere, feels they have the goddamned "RIGHT" to vote on someone else's marriage!!!!!! I mean, I think the idea of a conservative Christian mixed-sex marriage where the wife promises to "obey" and has to "submit" is icky and repellent and I'd never want one--can I vote on that next? No, of course not. And the thing is, I wouldn't want to! I really don't believe I have that much control over how other people get to live! But we're the "selfish" ones. Yeah.

L'Ailee has a couple martial arts classes today. She tends to make examples of people who don't respect the process of the class--that is, come in late, talk, insist on texting through the class, etc. Those are the ones she picks to help demonstrate moves. I pity anyone who comes in late and/or brandishing their cellie today. She will have absolutely no problem doing what she always advises her students: "Make it hurt, make it count!" I think I could, too.

We're going out to the Day of Decision protest tonight. Hope some of y'all do, too.

PS--I wasn't gonna post my usual buffet of links, but ladies and gentlemen, behold traditional Christian marriage at work.


belledame222 said...

I know. I wish we could put those fuckers' marriages on the ballot. ALl we need's a million signatures, right?

while we're at it, let's vote they all have to wear cowbells around their necks so we all know to avoid them. hey, if the voters speak.

belledame222 said...

speak of the devil:"Everyone in favor of dissolving the Gunderson marriage? Motion carried."