Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stronger, faster, better than before

I have been so frustrated by my inability to redecorate my blog the way I do my house. Well now, thanks to real-world friends and a teenager at FSTDT 2.0 who claimed she was half-asleep, I made a running start toward doing it this weekend! I may not even keep this background, but I kinda like it for now. I'll be fooling with it this week, probably, not to mention adding things like my Yahoo! Answers badge and my lonely little award.

Well, that's the main thing. That, and I intend to update a bit more often with shorter posts now. I'll try, anyway. I won't discuss how Tony Stewart came so frustratingly close yet *again*. (It's probably a good thing I like Kyle Busch and L'Ailee loves him.) Nor will I discuss the Penguins-Capitals game (we have six more, and they'll just have to be prepared to oppose a good Capitals goalie now.) And I certainly won't bring up how the Red Wings, and their fan on my couch, are getting frustrated by the Anaheim Ducks right now!

I'll bring the links and long paragraphs later.


Snooker said...

I like the new design.. stripes are always good.

BostonPobble said...

Long or short, links or no, I'm just always happy to see you posting. :)