Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oh, *wow*.....

5-0, Red Wings versus Penguins, tonight in Game 5. There is no way to describe that game without the use of the word "clusterfuck." What a spectacular meltdown by the Pens! At least my team logged lots of penalty time! L'Ailee, A., and other Red Wings fans/Pens haters in attendance at our house couldn't even bring themselves to trash talk after a while. I'm hoping for redemption in Games 6 and (let's be wildly optimistic) 7. Otherwise, I guess we could always claim the boys in black and white were doing their civic duty by saving Pittsburgh money on victory celebrations, per the Onion.

Also, L'Ailee's Red Wings fan team won street hockey this afternoon. And my cheap-ass youth stick finally broke. And we can't even have winning sports team sex because L'Ailee got thrown onto her ass twice and then crashed into the goalie net when she scored. That's right--the guys on our team were classy, too. Good thing we have lots of pillows and ice packs.

Also, Tony Stewart was going to start on the pole at Pocono tomorrow, but had to go to a backup car after crashing in practice and will now be starting at the back. Smoke is brilliant at going from the back to the front, but Pocono generally doesn't allow for that kind of thing.

I don't want to say the Gods owe me in such a petty little situation like this, but...nah! Guess I'll see what the surf is like tomorrow, and if that's no good, go see something cheerful like "Drag Me to Hell." I'll watch it through fanned fingers, kinda like the game tonight.


alan said...

Somehow I know if anyone is ever going to pull this off at Pocono, it's going to be Tony...

Ice packs and pillows and kisses for your beloved...I'd love to watch her play!

Hopefully you don't need to watch the game through your fingers!


CrackerLilo said...

Wow, Alan, when you're right, you're right!

Maybe I should spare the visual, but L'Ailee's rear and hips are turning all *kinds* of interesting colors.

I'm hoping Game 6 turns it around. It wasn't so bad when the Pens lost 1 & 2--they worked together and they *tried*. I'm sure they'll be good and motivated Tuesday night, and they'll be home.

As for watching L'Ailee play, it is an experience. She played ice hockey from the time she was a little girl in Siberia and field hockey from her freshman year of high school, plus street hockey. She is therefore highly skilled. I basically stand there and rely on her to get close to me when we play ice, but I'm much better on roller skates. I grew up on those.

L'Ailee is a Rottweiler in a Chihuahua body, and if the NHL would have considered using a 4'11", 90-something-pound woman on defense, she might have tried that as a career path. Not surprisingly, she usually plays as a forward instead. She is blazingly fast, uses her small size to slip right through bigger players (I'm 5'2" and, um, much more than 90-something pounds, and I can't do that), and can really score when she applies herself. She's somewhat better at assists, as I've learned playing center with her as a wing. She tends to crash into the goal a *lot*, just because she's so fast. Most of the people we play with are in their 30s, like us; you forget she's in her 30s, too. You'd think she was in her teens.

As you can probably see, I really had no choice but to learn the game that's one of her passions, both watching and playing, particularly since she picked up on my passion for racing.

Connie in FL said...

AND, TONY WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wahoo, I had him in our race pool!!!