Saturday, June 13, 2009

Watch and wait

I don't watch TV news much, but I've been following the Iranian elections and their aftermath. It was just what I expected--a fair contest, fairly counted, no disruptions at all....oh, wait. L'Ailee and I joked weakly about how no cell service, texting, or Facebook would make a lot of Americans under 40 take to the streets and set things on fire, too. I want to do a work for the protesters, and I'm not sure how. I think Ahmadinejad, a name that I now have no trouble spelling, vastly underestimated the level of anger among Iranians. I see something big coming here, and hope against hope that not too many people will have to be hurt or worse to make it happen. It's not my fight, but we're all interconnected, so I have an interest anyway. I wait.

On Thursday morning, my friend Mona went into labor. Thursday night, little Ryan Guillaume was born. In a few weeks, he'll be absolutely adorable. Mona and her husband J.C. think he's perfect already, though. :-) My friends who are parents tend to have girls. The only one who had boys, before Mona and J.C., has two boys and three girls. So I'm happy that baby Ryan goes against that trend! We won't be seeing him or his parents the next couple weekends, but we'll be very happy to watch races with him eventually. Because I lost my father when I was 7 and L'Ailee is estranged from hers for very good reasons, we like to forget Father's Day and treat it like another Sunday. However, we're so thrilled for J.C. that he gets to celebrate his first Father's Day next week. Mona says next time, she'll time it so the baby's born right before Mother's Day.

Oh, and last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup. What a hell of an end to a hell of a season! My heart went to my feet when the Wings' Johan Franzen checked Sidney Crosby and made him go "crunch" against the wall. His knee failed him for the rest of the night. Thankfully, the rest of the team managed just fine without him. I was so impressed with Marc-Andre Fleury, the Penguins' goalie! He was so skittish at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena, but he lost his apparent fear of the place at the very best possible time, throwing down some awesome acrobatic moves to deflect the puck. (If this hockey thing doesn't work out, he's got a job at Cirque du Soleil.) Evgeni Malkin got the Conn Smythe trophy for his playoff performance, which I and pretty much anyone else who's been following the NHL think he totally deserved.

And then Crosby was just well enough to fulfill his duty as team captain one last time this season:

I am a classic Pisces girl. I'm not ashamed to admit I teared up. But I've been doing that a lot lately anyway.


Dr. Deb said...

I love the french "William" as Guillaume.

CrackerLilo said...

A boy in my freshman French class named "Billy" started using "Guillaume" outside of our French class, eventually shortened to "Gui," and it was funny and interesting to see how his whole bearing changed with it. By senior year, he'd made it work!

My new "nephew" is half French, though, thanks to his dad. :-) A few years ago, L'Ailee and I went to France for their wedding.

Jude said...

ref the Iranian elections...I thought it was amazing that twitter had a planned shut down yesterday and the timing got pushed out, due to the encouragement of the State Dept. Seems that the Twit had a big "communications" role in the elections. ??? wow

and yeah to the Penguins!

CrackerLilo said...

I know, Jude! I'm never making fun of Twitter or tweeters ever again! Good for them for helping the protestors out. YouTube is also featuring some video that was taken in Tehran.

DaisyDeadhead said...

You're so cute with your sports loyalties!!! (you can take the girl out of the south, but you can't... hahaha)

CrackerLilo said...

Thanks, Daisy. Glad you found it cute and not annoying. My team's based in Pennsylvania (and consists mostly of Canadians and Russians), and my driver's from Indiana, but I do approach my sports loyalties with Southern redneck enthusiasm! Well, now I'll be concentrating on more important things, like whether Tony Stewart can get his third championship and his first as a driver/owner. ;-)

I thank everyone who's put up with the Stanley Cup craziness over the past couple months.