Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rain rain go away....

Oh, it's been rainy rainy rainy rainy on the East Coast! It's rainy now! The Watkins Glen race got rained out on Sunday, too, making this the second NASCAR Sprint Cup race in a row (and the kajillionth this season) that got delayed by rain. Once again, L'Ailee texted me updates on Monday. Once again, I've held on to her updates longer than I should have. It's just so sweet, though. I mean, she'd have watched them anyway, but I love how she made sure I knew what was going on. Also, I'm glad we have unlimited texting!

I do have to say I liked the outcome:

That's right, the lovely and talented Tony Stewart won it! Third race this year (not counting the All Star, which doesn't contribute anything to a driver's championship points total), fifth race at Watkins Glen (making him the winningest driver there right now), and all he has to do is show up at the Michigan race next week to clinch his place in the Chase for the Championship. Awesome.

You know, though, I really can't complain about the rain. For one thing, people in Taiwan and China have had it, like, a million times worse than us on account of the rain they've had. For another, missing those races meant I spent more time at my client's house fixing it up. I'd hired a subcontractor to paint, but like many New Yorkers, his paying job subsidizes his "real" job, and his real job is preaching at a small church. So while the painting pastor preached, I got my client's permission to spend the whole afternoon at her place and finished the painting all by myself. I'm not bad at it, after all. Gotta love being way under time and budget. Knock on wood, all I need is to get some furniture and things delivered, and we'll be collecting our full pay and having celebratory drinks this Saturday!

Another small thing that felt good all over is that the two corn stalks I grew in my terrace garden as an experiment this summer finally yielded corn! Two lovely perfect wonderful ears of corn! Of course, that meant one for L'Ailee and one for me last night. I sometimes grill corn with marinades of chipotle and lime and such, but this time, it was accompanied with a classic bit of butter, dash of salt, and dash of sugar. (I grew up on corn boiled in salt-and-sugar-water at the late, lamented Zellwood Corn Festival in Cental Florida. So decadent, so tasty.) L'Ailee swore up and down that hers was the most deliciously perfect, perfectly delicious ear of corn she had ever had in her life and that she would be sorry when it was gone. Me, I literally did savor the flavor of each kernel. It's nice to know I could do it. I think I'll let someone else grow my grains for me next year, though. Tomatoes and peppers and herbs are fine, just fine.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Yeah for Tony! And...what's rain? Haven't seen any of that lately.

Carie said...

I was so so so happy with the outcome of the race :) I love Tony, he is just so darn funny and sweet lol...

I miss our garden this year, every year we have an over abundance so we can share, this year we have nothing :( But we are already planning for nexy tear and looking into possibly getting a nice green house, just a small one, but all ours :)

Our AC is fixed wooohooo our house is now 78 :) trying to keep people in a good mood when the house is 98 was very very hard lol

Dr. Deb said...

It's been the rainiest spring and summer that I can remember.

BostonPobble said...

I saw that Tony had won and thought of you. :):):)

Homegrown corn ~ how delightfully wonderful and wonderfully delightful.