Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time is a currency

My wife and I are slacking a bit. My granddaddy used to tell me, "Time is a currency, just like money." We're giving money to the Cause as we can. (I recommend Protect Maine Equality, in Maine of course, where they're trying to keep same-sex marriage from being overturned by popular vote. It is so disgusting how some people so happily arrogate such responsibility for others' lives to themselves and feel they have a fucking *right* to say who can or can't get married...but I've said that before.)

But we want to use our discretionary time on ourselves and each other and our friends right now. So we are not at the Equality March in Washington, DC this weekend, and it's not because we agree with Barney Frank about it being "a waste of time". Frankly, we're simply getting tired. A good tired, but tired nonetheless. L'Ailee's picked up some extra classes at her gym, and I've refinished quite a bit of furniture in addition to things getting busier at my "real job" (a couple of boring afternoons excepted.)

Also, I'm already traveling to Florida to celebrate Samhain with my former coven at the end of the month. One of our neighbor kids, a 16-year-old boy who we pay to water our plants and feed our cats when we're away, is quite disappointed that L'Ailee never goes with me, because he can use some extra money right now. But Samhain isn't her holiday. She's an atheist, and doesn't feel she'll have anything to add to the event besides rolling eyes and stifled giggles. So we spend a couple nights apart every year. The boy really didn't get that! He's Jewish and says he'll only marry a Jewish girl.

We told him we understood that, and we respected that this is important to him, but sometimes people love each other even though there are religious differences. We agree on other very important things, and we respect each other. He shook his head. "I still don't think I could marry someone if we don't even celebrate all the same holidays." I elected not to tell him about my friend S., a Jewish woman who married an atheist man. They also married across an intense sports rivalry--University of Florida Gators and Florida State University Seminoles, respectively. Right after they got engaged, before they even started planning the wedding, they agreed to raise their children (they have five) as Jews and Seminoles fans. It works for them. Anyway, our neighbor will learn soon enough that we don't always get what we ordered from the Divine when we were 16, and even if we do, it isn't entirely what we expected.

Last weekend couldn't have been more awesome for me when it came to sports. Tony Stewart won Kansas and opened up the Chase to the Championship, just as Mark Martin and Jimmie Johnson had supposedly turned it into a "two man race." YEAHHHH!!!!!!! What an awesome way to end Sunday!!!!

The Pittsburgh Penguins won against the New York Rangers, and barely squeaked out a win against the New York Islanders at the Isles' season opener. The Isles have my permission to win against other teams, because I damn sure don't want them to have to move and leave the Rangers as the only hockey team in the NYC area. John Tavares is as good as anyone could expect so far. Our friend A.'s young daughter got to meet her idol and alternate future husband (in case NASCAR driver Joey Logano doesn't come through) Sidney Crosby before the game. He discussed playing hockey with her for a couple of minutes and complemented her black, white, and gold-painted nails. This child's father could win the lottery and clean out Toys R Us, Best Buy, *and* Sports Authority for her in time for her birthday, and that still wouldn't equal that moment for her.

The Isles' fans sure didn't like my Crosby jersey, though. Nor did they care for my wife's Evgeni Malkin T-shirt (L'Ailee is not a Penguins fan, but is a Malkin fan) or A.'s daughter's Crosby jersey. One guy saw this girl giggling with her best friend, who was wearing a Tavares Islanders jersey, and told the Isles fan girl that "you need to find a better class of friends." They are both in third grade. A.'s daughter promptly fired back, "You need to find a better class of *team*!" Move along, honey, he's just a jerk.

Speaking of, L'Ailee and I did not, as we usually do at home, deep-kiss to celebrate goals. Apart from the fact that both of us being women might be a bit controversial to some, we figured the other fans paid to see a show and the show wasn't us. But we decided we could indulge in the parking lot. Big mistake. A guy hollered, "Fuck you, you fucking Pittsburgh dykes!" My back was turned to him; L'Ailee, being talented, gave him the finger with one hand while she was taking my hair out of its ponytail with the other. I suspect that this will be an in-joke with us for a while. L'Ailee says he had a couple of kids with him, too. Charming. At least he didn't pretend he was insulting us "for the sake of his children."

I have a new superstition, too. Amazing how superstitions can start. I've said before that we love winning sports sex. I tend to wear comfortable cotton underthings. Oh, I want it to be well-cut and good quality, and I always wear lingerie that matches my outfits, but I live in cotton. My ex-boyfriend used to regard lingerie of any kind as an obstacle between us, and would rip it off me. I learned not to waste my time and money on it. Besides, the way I see it, anyone who doesn't respect my right to be comfortable doesn't deserve the prize inside my cotton granny panties anyway.

But L'Ailee treats clothing of all kinds (and all my property) with respect, and she appreciates fancy lacy lingerie. So I wore some under my white Crosby jersey for her last Friday night, in happy anticipation of getting, ah, jerseyed by her after the game. She liked it. I did it again the next night, at the Islanders game. She *really* liked that. Like the Penguins themselves, I slacked off on Wednesday night when they played the Phoenix Coyotes and was cozy in cotton. Didn't work for either of us. So the last two games, I wore lace, and the last two games were awesome, plus L'Ailee's Detroit Red Wings started winning as well. It looks like I'll have to itch a bit if I want the Penguins to win this year. At least, thank the Gods, Tony Stewart doesn't need me to wear fancy lacy lingerie to help him win!

Links, links:

Courtesy of Fannie's Room, a couple of thugs thought they'd attack a couple of men dressed in womens' clothing. The would-be victims were cage fighters. Heartwarming, really.

Also, two current NFL football players openly support LGBT equality.

Patti Wigington of Paganism/Wiccan offers an introduction to working with the various Gods and Goddesses across traditions.

Finally, like many an Office fan, I've rooted for Jim and Pam from the beginning, but Television Without Pity highlights what's wrong with them and why they so deserve each other.


Seraph said...

Speaking of Tony Stewart and lacy underthings, I'm assuming you've already seen this, but it reminded me of you:

CrackerLilo said...

@ Seraph: Yes, I have! But I don't mind. Thanks for thinking of me. "Have it your way," indeed...

Been a while, so I believe I'll be following you so as not to lose track again.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Wow, you covered quite a few topics here! LOL. Thanks for letting us into your underpants and all !!! I am glad you enjoy life so much and that for the most part your teams are doing well.

BostonPobble said...

Love the fancy lacy lingerie story AND the cage fighting "victims" story. Thanks for sharing both. ;) Glad to hear you're having fun.

Christopher said...

The cage fighting "victims" story was just brilliant. I'm glad your new superstition is working too.

By the way, you and L'Ailee not kissing during the game and then getting yelled at in the parking lot reminded me of a tradition Soupy Sales supposedly claimed he and his wife had during baseball games. He said, "I kiss her on the strikes and she kisses me on the balls."

Okay, totally gratuitous joke. I just think y'all should be able to kiss wherever and whenever and the rest of us should be polite and not watch. Especially during a game when it's the players we should be watching.

DaisyDeadhead said...

I've said before that we love winning sports sex


I always find something fun at your blog!

Dr. Deb said...

I never heard that expression. But your grandaddy was right!