Wednesday, March 03, 2010

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"I ache for the return of dysfunction. Dysfunction had its problems, but at least dysfunction has function in its title."--Manhattan Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell, 3/1/10

First off, I'm doing much better right now, and I thank everyone for their good wishes. I no longer need to prop a teddy bear or pillow up against my surgical scar when I sit at a desk. I have been back at work since last Thursday. (I needed a couple of extra days off.) I am taking extra Tylenol or Tylenol PM, not Percocet. I'm really grateful for that, too, because Percocet gives me really horrible and loopy dreams. Still sleeping on the couch, though. On Friday, my gynecologist is giving me a follow-up exam and hopefully, um, clearing me for takeoff. I know y'all desperately needed to know all of this.

Olympics hockey gave me a terrific distraction while I was healing that first week. L'Ailee got into an evil mood because the Russian men's team was eliminated before any medal rounds and most other Russian competitors just sucked. But things even out. She was offered tickets to the Met--nosebleed ones, but still--to see the premiere of the opera Attila, though, and I let her go with her friend. I decided that it was okay to have a shatterproof excuse as to why I couldn't go, and she was able to enjoy it with someone who understood it.

We're both still amazed that she got me caring about the hockey games. I was so proud of both the USA womens' and mens' teams! But Canada was ordained from the git-go for a reason. Sunday evening provided the first and hopefully last time that I cussed and teared up because Sidney Crosby scored a really clutch goal. I've said fairly often in the past couple days that if it had to be a Canadian scoring that overtime goal, I'm glad it was that one. Other Pittsburgh Penguins fans are conflicted, too. Tonight, the Buffalo Sabres played the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ryan Miller, the Sabres' goalie as well as Team USA's, received a standing ovation, while Crosby got some boos from his hometown crowd! I'm glad the regular NHL season's back.

There's a lot of other, more serious news to discuss at my work. The big debate is whether David Paterson should resign as governor. I think so. Next time any of my Florida relatives start telling me how NYC isn't safe for a woman, I'll tell them that Albany is far worse. Hiram Monserrate, from Queens, was convicted of domestic violence earlier this year and expelled from the State Senate. He is now campaigning to get that seat back. And clergy are supporting him just because he opposes same-sex marriage. After all, that's immoral, unlike slashing one's girlfriend's face with a shard of broken glass.

So now it comes out that Paterson, who agreed with the State Senate when they ejected Monserrate, allegedly had two state employees intimidate a woman who accused one of his aides of domestic violence against her. The New York State chapter of NOW wants him gone, and so does most everyone else. As I typed this, I learned that Harry Corbitt, superintendent of the New York State Police, just resigned because of this scandal. I wish Paterson would do the same.

Frankly, sometimes I wonder how anything but scandals, fighting, and embezzling gets accomplished in New York, the city or the state. I am tempted to beg L'Ailee to go to Washington, DC, where same-sex marriage has just become legal--we like it there. Then I remember that this would be a move from the frying pan to the fire when it comes to escaping political insanity, and also, my mother lives and works in the area. I am tempted to vote for Kristin Davis, the "Manhattan Madam" who claims to have sent prostitutes to ex-governor Eliot Spitzer. She's running for governor now. I don't see how she'd do any worse. At least she knows how to manage money, and she won't be a total nanny-statist, and there aren't any skeletons in her closet.

Things are happening, anyway. It's been a long winter, and spring is coming, thank the Gods. I can't wait for the Equinox. L'Ailee let her hair grow some because it seemed stupid to her to shave her head when she was just going to cover it with a hat outside, and she's learned how to fight her curls and win. I think she looks cute as hell and want her to keep it. I want a lot of things--among them to see some of the scum scrubbed out of New York politics, to stay well, to skate to the store instead of trudging through slush, to never again hear the phrase "tea party" unless darjeeling and crumpets are involved. I hope to see a few of them rise up this spring.

Links, some of which are depressing:

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning decided to stop being an obstructionist asshole tonight.

To register their feelings about same-sex marriage, Catholic Charities in Washington, DC denied spousal benefits to all new employees so as not to fund a stray same-sex spouse.

A Christian shop teacher didn't like that a student made a Wiccan altar his project. He made the Wiccan teen stop. He was disciplined for religious discrimination. It is pretty damned obvious how that teacher and many others in the community feel about Wicca. I can't wait for spring; this kid is a high school senior and no doubt can't see summer come soon enough!

The National Zoo has two new baby bears. Not as cute as the new panda cub I'm waiting on, but they'll do.

Finally, speaking of bears in zoos, poor Knut, the polar bear in Berlin, just can't be left alone. Now the German chapter of PETA is calling for him to be castrated.

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BostonPobble said...

The NY scandal makes me sick. The shop teacher makes me sad. The bears make me smile. Think I'll stick to the bears. *sigh* Very glad you're feeling better, though!