Monday, May 31, 2010

The Busch Brothers Drinking Game

I decided I need something stupid and frivolous rightdamnnow. I'll post about some serious shit later this week. NASCAR fans, save this for next weekend!

Pittsburgh Penguins fans are familiar with Puck Huffers' Staal Brothers Drinking Game. The Penguins' third-line center, Jordan Staal, has three brothers who also play in the NHL. Whenever their teams play each other, the announcers just have to make the most of it. It occured to me that NASCAR has something similar, only it comes up every single week. There used to be several pairs of brothers, as well as the occasional father/son combo, who would race each other. Now we have Kurt and Kyle Busch, those good boys with bad attitudes who bring enough drama for several families. (Okay, most of it comes from Kyle now. That's why we love him.) I am astonished that there aren't already several Busch drinking games!

I need to note that my wife and mother helped make this happen over breakfast this morning. (Mom was on the phone, of course.) The fact that they cooperated shows that something special has happened, just like when Kurt and Kyle Busch are actually getting along. L'Ailee is a Kyle Busch fan; my mom is a Kurt Busch fan and likes Kyle. I also need to note that I myself very seldom participate in drinking games (anymore) and only use the "sip" method, not the "shot" method, when I do. The "shot" method could put you in the hospital with this game! Even the "sip" method might when "the Brothers Busch" are racing in their native Las Vegas. Or you can do like Kyle and drink Nos Energy Drink. Link, rip, repost, whatever as you wish. I'm happy to take suggestions.

The Busch Brothers Drinking Game

Take one sip/shot when:

* It is mentioned that the Busches are brothers. (This right here tells you the "sip" method's best.)
* It is mentioned that they are from Las Vegas.
* It is mentioned that Steve Addington (Kurt's current crew chief) has worked with both Busches.
* Any variation of the words "mature," "matured," or "maturing".
* Someone refers to Kurt's tempestuous past.
* The phrase "sibling rivalry".
* They're racing for the same position.
* Their stats are compared (either by an announcer or graphic.)
* The announcer notes not only that Kurt has a championship, but that Kyle doesn't.
* The announcer notes that they're racing each other hard.
* The announcer seems to expect them to cooperate (especially on restrictor-plate tracks.)

Two sips/shots when:

* You see an "Anyone But a Busch" or similar sign.
* Their mother is shown.
* They get pit stalls close together (just do this once).
* The Busches are leading 1-2 in the race.
* They're compared to old-school racing brothers (Allisons, Labontes, etc.)
* Announcer tells a story about how the Busches' competitiveness can cause them problems (like the infamous "Thanksgiving at Grandma's" story).
* One Busch taps the other to get him out of the way.
* A Busch refers to his brother by car number rather than name. ("The number 18 got me loose, and...")
* Kurt is asked his opinion about Kyle's latest rivalry/escapade.

Three sips/shots when:

* They actually do cooperate (draft each other, block another driver for his brother, etc.)
* One Busch wrecks the other.
* You see a sign supporting both Busches.
* Someone calls Kyle "Shrub".
* Kurt's wife and Kyle's fiancee are shown talking to each other.
* They're starting in the same row (just do this once).
* Their mother is interviewed.
* Their mother hugs one of them.
* One congratulates the other.

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