Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Busch Brothers Drinking Game, version 2.0

I'm doing this in part because this weekend's NASCAR race takes place in Las Vegas, which, as we will be reminded a thousand times, is the birthplace of Kurt and Kyle Busch. I also think I need to remind myself how to write a blog entry. This game needs a few revisions from the one I created with help from my wife (who loves Kyle) and my mother (who really likes both Busches) last year. So, enjoy. More serious stuff will hopefully come soon.

The Busch Brothers Drinking Game

Take one sip/shot when:

* It is mentioned that the Busches are brothers. (This right here tells you the "sip" method's best.)
* It is mentioned that they are from Las Vegas.
* It is mentioned that Steve Addington (Kurt's current crew chief) has worked with both Busches.
* Any variation of the words "mature," "matured," or "maturing".
* Someone refers to Kurt's tempestuous past.
* The phrase "sibling rivalry".
* They're racing for the same position.
* Their stats are compared (either by an announcer or graphic.)
* The announcer notes not only that Kurt has a championship, but that Kyle doesn't.
* The announcer notes that they're racing each other hard.
* The announcer seems to expect them to cooperate (especially on restrictor-plate tracks.)

Two sips/shots when:

* You see an "Anyone But a Busch" or similar sign.
* Their mother is shown.
* They get pit stalls close together (just do this once).
* The Busches are leading 1-2 in the race.
* They're compared to old-school racing brothers (Allisons, Labontes, etc.)
* Announcer tells a story about how the Busches' competitiveness can cause them problems (like the infamous "Thanksgiving at Grandma's" story).
* Announcer tells the "Kurt's prank at Kyle's wedding" story.
* One Busch taps the other to get him out of the way.
* A Busch refers to his brother by car number rather than name. ("The number 22 got me loose, and...")
* Kurt is asked his opinion about Kyle's latest rivalry/escapade.

Three sips/shots when:

* They actually do cooperate (draft each other, block another driver for his brother, etc.)
* One Busch wrecks the other.
* You see a sign supporting both Busches.
* Someone calls Kyle "Shrub".
* Kurt and Kyle's wives are shown talking to each other.
* They're starting in the same row (just do this once).
* Their mother is interviewed.
* Their mother hugs one of them.
* A Busch relative who isn't their mother is shown.
* One congratulates the other.


Raven said...

LOL I don't normally watch NASCAR, but I might have to start just so I can play this!

BostonPobble said...

This could get me to watch a race. :)

Dr. Deb said...

Now it it was a chocolate game, I'd SO be there!