Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meme/game/thing I thought up

I would love to read others' answers!

Inspired by my wife’s constant observations that her house looks very different thanks to me, and my constant rebuttals that she’s got things I wouldn’t have in mine otherwise, either. This is for people who share a home with a romantic partner, pretty much.

Basically, it goes like this: List ten things that are only in your home because *you* are there, the things your spouse or partner would absolutely not have around otherwise. Then list ten things that are only in your home because your partner is there, the things you sure as hell wouldn’t have around if you didn’t have your beloved around, either.

I’ll start:

Things that are only in our home because of me:
1. Surfboard
2. Calico cats
3. Country CDs
4. Most of the hip-hop CDs
5. Copies of Mad magazine
6. All things green or turquoise
7. My family pictures
8. Diet Pepsi
9. Enough ingredients for a complete meal
10. A food processor

Things that are only in our home because of my partner:
1. Any and all things grey or red
2. Cello
3. Classical CDs
4. Opera CDs
5. Books about mathematical concepts
6. Books and periodicals in Russian
7. Cyrillic-alphabet keyboard
8. Chessboard
9. Powerade
10. Balls of yarn


smax said...

i'll try :)

Things that are only in our home because of me:

1. Sara & Kaity (my daughters)
2. Anthony & Metro (my daughters' cats)
3. Orange Seltzer
4. Salvador Dali's art
5. Jewliette Lewis' new CD
6. Cook books that contain recipes for more than just cake
7. Books about 9-11 conspiracy theories
8. Menthol cigarettes
9. A blanket that clashes with our bedroom
10. All the crap from my parents house

Things that are only in our home because of my partner:
1. EJ & Lexi (her son & daughter)
2. Violins
3. Cake
4. Irish Music CDs
5. Coke-a-Cola
6. A garden (outside counts too, right?)
7. A pond (outside counts too, right?)
8. A bag of sugar
9. The martini chair
10. Armenian food

geeze...that was kinda hard (but fun!).

CrackerLilo said...

Yeah, outside counts! I wish I had an outside, then I could also say "lawn flamingos"!

I could do like, 20 or 25 off the top of my head, but decided to try and make the number more manageable for others.

Blessed be!

Clandestine said...

Because of me:
1. Skunks
2. Girl Scout paraphenelia (sp?)
3. My mom's artwork
4. Purple futon
5. Most things that are purple
6. An angel figurine
7. A car (she hates them)
8. Pictures of my family
9. Lots of ice cream!
10. Playstation 2

Because of her:
1. Cats
2. Yarn
3. Unfrozen food
4. Bacon
5. Food processor
6. Fancy cooking knives
7. Pink
8. A dresser
9. Her mother's desk
10. Plants

CrackerLilo said...

Skunks? Are the little darlings descented?

Blessed be!

smax said...

i could think of many for my partner, but coming up with 10 for me was a bit difficult.
i guess i've not contributed much :/
i think i'll send it to my parnter (suzie) and see what her answers are (could prove interesting, yes?)

CrackerLilo said...

I'd love that!

I looked at mine, realized that I'd excluded pretty significant things like "ancestor altar" and "washer and dryer," and thought to myself, "Self, you have totally revolutionized a little bald girl's life." And then I realize that I personally would not own things like a mouthguard or belly-dancing gear if it weren't for her, either. She's revolutionized a zaftig long-haired girl's life, and thank the Gods for that!

I bet you've revolutionized Suzie's, too. :-)

Blessed be!

Thomas said...

I got to think this thing through carefully, Cracker Lilo -- I don't want to get in trouble with the b/f!

Can I fill it out after work?

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, but I was going to shut down my blog for comments at 5 pm 'cause I can't trust you people! ;-)

Of course, fill it in after work! No deadlines around here...

Blessed be!

smax said...

shuttin' down at 5 eh? heh heh.
(who also would not have a church pew in her kitchen if it weren't for suzie)

Clandestine said...

Sorry - let me clarify - they're not real skunks. I just love skunks, so I have a wood carving my mom made for me, some salt and pepper shakers......etc.

CrackerLilo said...

I have a similar affinity for penguins.

Blessed be!

scribble said...

things in my home because of me:
1. paint brushes
2. tons of crafting supplies
3. one tempermental pekingnese
4. purses
5. black cherry kool aid
6. black olives
7. our red kitchen
8. decorative finials (love em)
9. many flower beds and my pond
10. Linda Eder's music

Things here because of Jan.
1. fishing poles/tackle etc...
2. onions
3. okra
4. a messy desk
5. body bags (she is a deputy coroner)
6. mens clothing
7. 50 thousand light houses (or so)
8. A stethoscope
9. her grandmothers china cabinet
10. shoes in every corner.

Thanks for this fun quiz !
I'll be interested to read Jan's when she gets in from work.

Clandy... fav playstation 2 games ?
mine, spyro, Jax1,2,3, ratchet and clank, sly cooper.. Jan and I love to sit and play. It is a great stress reliever.

CrackerLilo said...

Thanks for filling it out, Annie, and I'd love to read Jan's, too!

Jan, when you get here, let me tell you how grateful I am that someone out there has the strength of will (and stomach!) it takes to do the kind of work you do, and I mean that seriously.

Blessed be!

scribble said...

Thanks for saying that.
Her profession is often misunsderstood. She doesn't do autopsies, she pronouces and investigates deaths.

I have gone on calls with her.
I sit in the car. Often am the driver because she still has a hard time in our rural area finding her way around. (although she has improved a great deal)
I will not and can not see a body.
As much help as I have been is to drive the coroners van to the crime lab. I once held one of the straps on a body bag for a second.
It creeped me out.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, I appreciate undertakers, garbage collectors, sewage treatment workers, anyone who can handle the gross stuff we humans leave behind and, often for really excellent reasons, don't want to touch. I don't mean to equate Jan's profession with those, but it is another one that I feel extremely grateful for. I have to admit that when I read the word "coroner", I had visions of CSI in my head, but I did know it involved dealing with dead bodies.

And given your help with driving, I can see why she'd very much appreciate you, too!

Blessed be!

scribble said...

watching the "other blog"
sorry your words have been
I know how hard it is to read emotion into words.
But when it is assumed from the beginning that your words are meant ot harm, it is easier to read negativity into them.
I am sick of several people on that blog assuming from the get go the worst and then spouting about love.

I got your commet about the cross right away. It is commonly used here too.
Hang in there

CrackerLilo said...

But when it is assumed from the beginning that your words are meant ot harm, it is easier to read negativity into them.

You got *that* right.

I'm trying not to do the same thing in return. Some people make it hard.

Blessed be!

smax said...

i suggest all those with partners have them play the meme game too.

here're my girl's lists:

10 things because of me....

Boo the bear
"I'm Suzy" book
the red chair (i called this "the martini chair")
church pew
office and/or equipment
working toilets : \
school clocks
and that twice-used pilates video

10 things because of you....

books (including Sally's Room)
good music
Horowitz art
living plants
non-living christmas tree
little homie guy
and a picture of gina gershon :)


CrackerLilo said...

When you suggested it, Sal, I sent it along to L'Ailee. And I got it returned. As you can see, we thought along the same tracks sometimes and different ones other times.

A samovar is a Russian tea-maker; the beard trimmer is to maintain a crew cut, should she want to let her hair grow that much.

And I didn't let her see my responses until she saw mine and called me up laughing. (It's slow at my work; can y'all tell?)

Her responses, in her words:


You and your word games!

I would play much less games like this! Is that enough?

But you are right. We have changed each others lives so much. Now let me see your answers.

What I have:
1. Books in Russian
2. Cyrillic keyboard
3. Videos of Law and Order
4. Chess set
5. My rabbits
6. Samovar
7. Thong panties
8. Beard trimmer
9. Capoiera equipment
10. Savate gloves

What you have:
1. Your cats
2. The washer and dryer
3. Your Witch books
4. A green kitchen
5. Any food in the kitchen
6. Nascar things
7. Rap and country CDs
8. Blue collar comedy CDs
9. Naked chef calendar
10. Magazines about politics

smax said...

it made suzie laugh too

and what are:
9. Capoiera equipment
10. Savate gloves



CrackerLilo said...

Capoiera and savate are the martial arts she lives, loves, and teaches. Neither of us like boring workouts. :-)

Blessed be!

Clandestine said...


i don't have many playstation games, but i like simpsons road rage and pitfall harry (the new version). i also like indiana jones, but i can't play it anymore because i got stuck..

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Things that are only in our home because of me:
1. Piano
2. Dust spray
3. Air Freshener
4. The beautiful cabinet/color selection for the kitchen
5. Sheet music
6. Heirloom Lenox China
7. Furniture that matches
8. Showtunes!
9. candles
10. Most of the items available through Pampered Chef
11. Clothes that match for our daughter (had to add it!)

Things that are only in our home because of my partner:
1. Motorcycle (which I hate)
2. Pink Floyd CDs
3. Complete computer network
4. Lawnmower
5. 100's of DVDs
6. 100's and 100's of books
7. teak rocking chairs for the front porch
8. the front porch
9. Cranberry juice
10. Poker chips

CrackerLilo said...

Jaded! Hi!

I'm getting the impression that your husband's not particularly domestic. :-)

Why don't you like the motorcycle?

Blessed be!

Qivan said...

Perfect game for me, my spouse and I are very different.

Things that are only in our home because of me:

1. A Yellow Sofa ( he hates it )

2. The same pics seen in Bewitched

3. Two Indian Vases

4. An Indian inspired Duvet Cover

5. African Tribal Mask

6. Tibetan Prayer Rattles

7. A Guaguin print

8. White Sheets on The Bed

9. Cigarettes

10. A pic of my Mom and her 4 sisters.

Things that are only in our home because of him.

1. A bust of John F. Kennedy

2. A print of a Black Panther

3. A Toy Tin Bus

4. Power Tools

5. Books on Health

6. Dark Sheets, that I refuse to put on the Bed.

7. Scented Shaving Cream

8. A Liberace C.D.

9. Grapefruit

10. These Goofy Figurines he likes, of Cartoons.

CrackerLilo said...

Welcome, MadGayHousewife!

If it's any consolation, I bet I'd really like your taste. And it's nice to see a couple that's almost as different as mine! :-)

Blessed be!

Qivan said...

How house looks like we hired Sybil as the decorator

CrackerLilo said...

My mom sent L'Ailee and I a palette of paints inspired by Mount Vernon. So many pretty blues and greens and greys that go so well together! We're doing the whole house in different shades on this palette, and we're shocked that cashing in on George Washington is helping us bridge a gap.

Blessed be!

Blogzie said...

Things That Are In Our Home Because Of Me:

1. A Vibrator (aka The Silver Surfer)

2. Asian and Modern Art

3. Magazines, Magazines and More Magazines.

4. Pepsi and Junk Food

5. Cigarettes

6. The Older Cat (Metozens)

7. Vicodin

8. Inventory and Shipping Supplies for my eBay business

9. Expensive Cosmetics

10. A 'The Glass is Half Full' Attitude.

Things That Are In Our Home Because Of My Partner:

1. Cameras and Tons of Photography Equipment.

2. A State-of-the-Art Dark Room built on as an addition to our home.

3. The Baby Cat (Winky)

4. Assam Tea

5. The British Flag

6. First Prize Ribbons from the Crufts Dog Show

7. Slippers

8. His Mother's Lladro Collection

9. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

10. A 'The Glass is Half Empty Attitude.'

And..what's in our home because of both of us?

Love, Love, Love. Love is all you need.

"Our house is a very, very, very fine house. With two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard, now everything is easy 'cause of"

CrackerLilo said...


We sort of amassed a modest toy chest together; it would be very difficult to decide who gets custody of the Hello Kitty vibrator and our rubber ducky if, Gods forbid, we divorced!

And nice use of a saptacular song lyric! :-)

Blessed be!

Jan said...

Things that are only in our home because of me:
1.A love for Annie like none I have ever known or ever will.
2.In the kitchen: My GrandMothers china cabinet.
3.Multiple Medical and forsenics books.
4.Hugh amount of lighthouses.
5.Enough green to make to you green sick.
6.Lots of clutter in my areas (dressor and desk)
7.Photos of happiness ie. our wedding photos.
8.In living room: My grandMothers desk.
9. In basement: My Mothers bedroom suite.
10.Garfield collector items.
11. one more please....iced tea

Things that are only in our home because of my partner:
1.For the first time in my life a feeling and gift of being loved.
2.3 wonderful kids.
3.Arts and crafts galore.
4.Wonderful poetry, written by Annie.
5.A home not just a house.
6.3 great dogs and 1 ok cat.
7.The most beautiful yard in all of North Georgia.
8.Photos of happiness ie.our wedding photos.
9.Book collections, novels.
10.Hugh cd collection. more please....kool-aid

CrackerLilo said...


Jan, there is not enough green to make me green-sick. My kitchen is the same shade of green used in George Washington's parlor. And I have worn green twice this week already.

And the "ok cat" made me laugh.

Blessed be!

Jan said...

I did mine before I read Annie's and wow many are similar.

mamalicious said...

Is it too late to play? I love this game!

Things that're there because of me:

1. Big, fat golden retriever
2. Rainbow sherbet (the cure-all for whatever ails you)
3. Three computers and wireless DSL
4. A dremel
5. Subscription to Sports Illustrated
6. diet Coke with lime
7. Crown Royal
8. Yankee Candles
9. a few un-mentionables
10. a very expensive vacuum cleaner.

Things because of her:

1. 10,000 pairs of clogs
2. 10,000 pairs of scrubs
3. expensive wine glasses
4. every season of Queer as Folk on DVD
5. dresses
6. yogurt
7. cross-stitched things
8. hair accessories
9. big coffee mugs
10. fancy-schmancy salad tongs

So there! I think this is a very revealing game...and fun!

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, it's never too late! :-) Thanks!

What is a dremel?

And scrubs? What does she do?

I liked Diet Coke with Lime, but shifted my allegiance to Pepsi's counterpart the second it came out.

Blessed be.

Thomas said...

Thanks for the extension, CL! With SB, it's always rush rush rush to get something in before the curtain closes...though you'll notice I haven't posted much there for a while...I suppose I haven't been very inspired to do so.

Things that are in the house on account of me:
1. Chaos.
2. Math books.
3. A telescope.
4. Soy milk.
5. A VCR.
6. Patti Smith CD's.
7. Dirty sneakers.
8. William Blake prints.
9. An iBook.
10. Goofiness.

Things that are in the house on account of the boyfriend:
1. Order.
2. Martha Stewart magazines.
3. Filing cabinets.
4. Heirloom tomatoes.
5. A DVD player.
6. Enya CD's.
7. Prada slippers.
8. Aesthetically appealing decor.
9. Linux.
10. Cuteness!

CrackerLilo said...

It looks like you're the intellectual in your relationship, Thomas. Why am I not surprised? :-)

I also think the intangibles you listed are sweet.

You always have an extension in my blog!

Blessed be!

mamalicious said...


What is a DREMEL? What kind of lesbian are you? :) It's a drill, of sorts - with lots of cool attachments to use on any project you can imagine.

And scrubs - she's a nurse. Labor and delivery...she's the best. :)

Thomas said...

I'm definitely not the intellectual, Cracket Lilo. My boyfriend is way more intelligent and focused and productive than I am. He has an ability to zoom his super-sized brain on a task a plug away at it until it turns into something incredibly special. I'm so easily distracted that I never really follow through. He would never have the patience to deal with Stephen's blog.

On the other hand, it was hard for me to think of replies to your quiz, because after about four years of living together, it feels like we're merging into a some sort of blob, where we can't tell where one boy ends and the other begins. I like that feeling -- it's very cozy! But it also makes it hard for us to remember who bought what and so forth.

Thomas said...

Sorry for the typos -- you're clearly not a Cracket!

BTW, I love Kate Winslet too!

CrackerLilo said...

What kind of lesbian am I, Mamalicious?

Why, the kind that has a flame for racecar drivers, of course!

Seriously, unless I can use it for beading or reconditioning furniture, it's likely that I don't know the name of a tool.

And Thomas, if you're not the intellectual of the household, I would feel a little intimidated in your home. :-)

Blessed be!

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, thanks to the brilliant Danica Patrick, I'm happy to correct myself by specifying *boy* racecar drivers!

Tony Stewart is so freakin' hot.

Then again, I think Larry the Cable Guy is, too. He's hot on the inside...GIT 'ER DONE!

Blessed be!