Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gonna slap me a "scientist", too.

Boy, is my slappin' hand itchy!

And I'll tell you, it's a danged good thing my L'Ailee's and my theoretical duct tape for binding is only theoretical, because there are *so many* people we want to use it on!

There was an obnoxious article about an obnoxious study in the New York Times headlined "Straight, Gay, or Lying?" Apparently there's no such thing as bisexual men. Next up, the earth is flat, leeching is curative...

Y'all, if my Ex-Boy wasn't really bi, his pecker deserves an Academy Award!

But John Aravosis, an all-the-way-gay man and fire-breathing activist, was good enough to rebut it. I need to pass this on.

On the bright side, I think I feel a column coming on.


Carol said...

You mean the earth isn't flat??? :)

It really is funny how a lot of us from the MBOL seemed to gravitate towards the same color scheme, unbeknownst to each other!

Thomas said...

I'm not remotely bisexual, but I still admire you plucky AC/DC's! Keep up to good work of exploring uncharted Kinseyan territories!