Friday, July 08, 2005

Wow, a blast from my past

I felt compelled to share a "testimony" I wrote a LONG time ago--in December 1997--at a Christian blog. It's about how I went from the Assemblies of God church to eclectic Paganism.

My Own Hell to Raise

I still title articles and essays after song lyrics I like (in this case, Fiona Apple's "Sleep to Dream"), but just as a lot changed between my church days and 1997, a lot changed between 1997 and now, too. Like, I can actually make a webpage now! And who'd have thought that the girl in that article would get happily and monogamously married to *anyone*, female or male, one day?!?! Certainly not the girl herself!

But my feelings about the church aren't much different at all.

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