Friday, July 08, 2005

How to get your girl untired FAST (if she is anything like mine)

"How was dinner, baby?"
"Should I make it again?" (I've learned that I have to ask questions like that.)
"You're just tired, aren't you?"
"Jesus, yes. Sorry, but I am."
"I understand. Look, I'm going back on the computer unless you want it."
"That's all right. I don't want it. [My cousin]'s being a pest."

*minutes later*

"Oh, cool!"
"[Lilo], what is it?"
"Nothin' spectacular, darlin'. I just got a link for a bra sale. Really pretty Just My Size ones, half off."
"Just My Size?" She sits up straight. "Isn't that a plus-size one?"
*zooms up* "Let me see! Oh, you should get this, and this..."

Gods save me from fast little Russian girls who still follow their cultural imperative that favors pleasantly plump women, y'all! Normally I really *like* that cultural imperative, but dang-o-RANG, did she get untired *quick*!


scribble said...

well hell yeah any breathing Lesbian/Bi would wake up for a breast subject in their midst.
I know I would.
No matter how tired I am I always appreiciate my honeys lovely ones...

CrackerLilo said...

I get un-tired when my honey drops something and needs to pick it up. Gods, she has got the world's cutest rear end! Knows it, too! I reckon I'm in the minority, because I regard her or any other woman's breasts as, like, a nice bonus but not the main event.

(And I can just hear her now: "Actions speak louder than words and I remember your actions in the bathtub this morning!")