Friday, July 08, 2005

Another candidate for duct-taping and beating presents himself

Paul Krugman, who can kiss my fat white free-marketeer ass, thinks it's important to "do something" about obesity. He thinks we ought to--hold on to your wallets, folks!--"put aside our anti-government prejudices and realize that the history of government interventions on behalf of public health, from the construction of sewer systems to the campaign against smoking, is one of consistent, life-enhancing success".

Want more? "And even if children weren't a big part of the problem, only a blind ideologue or an economist could argue with a straight face that Americans were rationally deciding to become obese. In fact, even many economists know better: the most widely cited recent economic analysis of obesity, a 2003 paper by David Cutler, Edward Glaeser and Jesse Shapiro of Harvard University, declares that "at least some food consumption is almost certainly not rational." It goes on to present evidence that even adults have clear problems with self-control."


Him and the anti-gay assitches. The history of modern American politics has shown me that whenever someone appeals to "the children", it's time to grab a hold of your wallet and your civil liberties and hold on *tight*!

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Anastasia said...

It IS funny how those of us from the MBOL are attracted to the same colour scheme!!

And Krugman can kiss my lily white fat ass, too. Come to think of it, my children are responsible for it getting that way in the first place!