Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Where I've been

Something really cool came out of one of the family reunions in Michigan. We--my brother Dorkfish, myself, and both of our wives--were told we were a bad influence on the kids. But one of them was an intelligent but autistic 11-year-old boy who *loves* animals. Dorkfish, L'Ailee, and I talked animals with him. And last night, we came home to a message from his mom, thanking us for our effect on her son! The boy is usually very uncomfortable around people. He doesn't remember much about them after one meeting. Well, yesterday he asked his mom if they could visit us! We called them up, and he *asked* to talk to us. His mom was getting teary and telling us that this is absolutely unheard of! I feel a little weird, but it's still wonderful. We mailed him L'Ailee's copy of Walden today, because he said he wanted to live alone in the wilderness. :'-)

Now for less sweet (and possibly more offensive) stuff.

I just asked the most bi-female question in the world in a bisexual online community:

"Which is worse during your time of the month, being involved with a man who doesn't get it or being involved with a woman who is on your track?"

Yep, once again, we have to keep reminding ourselves and each other that we actually *like* and *respect* each other three weeks of the month! We're sniping a *lot*. On the other hand, L'Ailee not only understood my desire to kill a whole box of blueberry swirl Tofutti Cuties, but helped kill it with me, even if we were bickering over each others' taste in TV shows between bites. (We don't keep much, if any, "real" junk food in the house during this time. Tofuttis are hard enough to work off, especially when one form of exercise is closed to us for the week.)

I'm getting my flamingoes in costumes and my flamingo lights! (To answer *everyone's* questions.) I did need to bribe her with both a sex act she likes better than I do (I'm *not* answering that one, but let's just say I'll need Tylenol) and the prospect of me in high heels and a formal dress. Her style is, like, "early Blade Runner", only not as cozy. But she does like pink. I'll earn my costumed flamingoes next week and my lights in September. She is going to be so happy, I know. I hope she air-conducts. She's adorable when she really gets into the music and does that. I am *not* a classical music person. Last time I promised to escort her to a classical music performance--she hates to be in a crowd without someone she knows well at her side--I took her to Coldplay instead. She did like that a lot, because she loves Coldplay and the show was intimate and the tickets were extremely hard to get, but I do owe her this time and I'm not gonna flake out.

It's weird; on the Sweet Potato Queens message board and in the books, they talk about "the Promise", which is, promising a blow job. For me, it never had that impact that they, um, promise. :-) I can't say hummers are my favorite thing, but I love to give pleasure and know that my partner's acting and looking and sounding like that because of *me*. And no sex act promise makes an impact on L'Ailee, either. Again, I just enjoy "all acts of love and pleasure", as the Charge of the Goddess puts it, way too much for promises of them to make that much impact, and there's very little I won't try at least once, even if there isn't something I want. (I hope I'm not making myself sound easy, at least to anyone besides the ones I was hoping to scare off with my logo.)

But there are acts of love which are harder for me. Those have always been my real Promises. For my Ex-Boy, it was making fried chicken though I can't deal with touching a poultry carcass and squick the whole way through. It's one of those things I sort of wish I wasn't good at. For L'Ailee, it's wearing heels that make my ass look like a Buick (and my feet feel like I'm walking on nails) for her enjoyment. So for me to promise classical music *and* heels really meant something.


Clandestine said...

All very good stories :)

SassyFemme said...

IMO, one week of being snipy and on the schedule is more than do-able when combined with three weeks of blissful love! :)

Karen said...

"For L'Ailee, it's wearing heels that make my ass look like a Buick"

I laughed so hard at that--mine looks like a damn tank in heels--wide load baby !

thanks for catching us up and for the chuckle today Miss Lilo !
hugs, Karen

sttropezbutler said...

The great thing about heels, and I'll admit I say this from experience, is that your legs look fabulous. I had the pleasure of zipping through St. Tropez in a fab pair of 6 " high heels. It was hell on the cobblestones, but I had women following me telling me what great gams I had. Wear 'em in good health!


Qivan said...

Craker, I don't understand about women's menstruation at all, or PMS, so I feel kind of lost in the woods here, I'm just glad I don't bleed, and sorry half the human race has to.

Blogzie said...

How wonderful that you were able to have such an impact on a child. I hope the relationship continues and you keep us updated.

Blogzie has never ever had a period. Life is good.

scribble said...

Jan and I get like that too.
Sucks having similar cycles.
Ours aren't spot on, but a few days off. So as one is finishing the other is starting.
Two weeks of yuck...

I don't do heels. I am 6 feet tall, Jan is 5'6" I tower of her as it is.

Gratefully she isn't attracted to
the very femmy side of me. There is little of that. I carry a purse and have long hair, love skirts... but not make up and never ever wear lip stick.

I am so happy you are getting your flamingos.