Saturday, July 23, 2005

Absolute gotta have!

Y'all think something like this will work? I do express myself better in writing...

Dear L'Ailee,

I will waste no time telling you that you are easily the smartest and most beautiful individual I have ever met in my life, with the cutest ass I've ever seen besides. I simply want to say that if you allow me to have a couple of the following in our pathetic excuse for a backyard, even though I know the two lawnchairs almost completely fill it, I will consider that intriguing but physically challenging idea you had a couple weeks ago extremely doable.

Furthermore, if you also let me have and use the flamingo lights with a minimum of complaining, I will attend the symphony of your choice with you, with a minimum of complaining. In heels and everything.



Karen said...

love the flamingos !
need a few myself for the newest brainstorm I hope to complete this year. My backyard will never be the same---whoo hoo!
talk about fun !
still looking for the right lights--maybe crabs or peacocks or grapes.
hmmm...decisions decisions !
glad your sweetie had a good birthday.

Karen said...

girl you rock !
thanks for the link--I am sure to spend more than I should !

let me know if the letter worked :)hope you get your lovely pink birds ! They are always good for an instant smile with me.

sttropezbutler said...

Pink Flamingos...loved the 'em in your back yard.

Have fun at the symphony!


Anastasia said...

love the flamingos! I need some for my FRONT yard because I just KNOW it would irritate my jerk of a neighbour! He likes to imagine that this is a fancy street or something...heh heh heh!

Happy belated birthday to your honey! :)

SassyFemme said...

Just discovered your blog yesterday. Have enjoyed reading it. Look forward to coming back. :)

Hootin' said...

Okay, WHERE do you get the flamingos? Cuz don'tcha know I am the white trash QUEEN of my neighborhood!?!?!

Hootin' said...

Thanks! I've long been a fan of Ivory! :) I'll hafta look for that clear calamine.

PS: You're in Brooklyn? My friend Jeremy (to whom I spoke the other night) is stuck in Brooklyn til he can find a job and earn enough money to come home!

I feel so bad for him! He's sharing a 1 BR apt. w/ his friend from back here and sleeping on the floor! :(

Qivan said...

You have a backyard in New York. I dream of a garden!

scribble said...

ok, I'm late to the party but...
yes, I have just gotta have a set of these cuties!
Mine I got for my birthday (sans clothing) are already fading to a light pink in the southern sun.
I would baby these and put them under a tree in the yard.
Jan will just die.
Where's the link ?

Jaded&Opinionated said...

OMG how could she say no to that?! It's the cutest thing ever!!