Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hate is a strong word.

I know I'm not the only one who was told growing up that "hate" is a strong word and it should be used sparingly. People on several lists and forums wanted to remind me of that when I posted this URL:

Well, Mom never told me about this word--she didn't have to--but I think that "assassinate" is also a fairly strong word. Also "take him out", when not used in the "to the ballgame" context.

And then there are some other very strong words uttered by Robertson in the past couple of decades.

I feel no guilt or shame about hating him.

I'd also like to share this quote I found, that I just love:

"Have you ever noticed how terribly insecure some straight people are about their sexuality? Queers say, "We don't recruit anyone. We can't. Sexuality is innate and not subject to peer pressure." Straight people say, "Be like us! You have to be like us!" And not only that, they assume that the Queer lifestyle is so wonderful that everyone will go running to practice it at the slightest encouragement, even though it brings a morass of guilt-tripping and discrimination. Gee, that doesn't say much for plain ol' vanilla missionary sex, does it?"
-- Sheela Adrian, writer on gender studies, erotica, and alternative sexuality

Of course, I've had plain ol' vanilla missionary sex, and liked it, but Sheela Adrian definitely has a point, one that bears repeating.


sttropezbutler said...

This really cheered me did the story of the ass!

Robertson VS Jackson. Killing VS Breasts. People went insane when Ms. Jackson showed us her breast. P. Robertson advocates killing, hatred, and breaking the law and all we have is a tepid response. HUM?


Karen said...

Bravo Miss Lilo !!!
excellent post.