Friday, August 12, 2005

Makes me wanna go to bed right now...

...and not just because my beautiful and exhausted L'Ailee, who handled five classes and one bore-ass meeting today, is soon going to be in it wearing nothing but Neutrogena Citrus Marine Rainbath, which is a perfectly pleasant scent that becomes an aphrodisiac from the Gods the moment it hits her skin.

This evening I opened up the August issue of House and Garden magazine. If L'Ailee was more inclined to cuss, she'd be saying "Oh, shit." I'm constantly getting new ideas to torment her with from magazines like that. But we both very much liked this ad from Bernhardt beds.

They show a nice wooden four-poster bed. (Oh, the things you can do with a four-poster know, like hang up your hat and coat. ;-) And next to it, a few sentences are artfully calligraphed in a way that suggests a four-poster bed:

We spend a third of our lives here--
yet we still have to leave it.
it's part battery recharger
part library and part trampoline.
This is more than just our bed.
This is our refuge.
This is our most personal possession
and it has no wrong side.

I especially like the "part library and part trampoline" bit.


sttropezbutler said...

Oh yes...a good bed is essential.

When I moved back to the States from France I purchased a wonderful bed. Double know that song....Sleeping single in a double bed! Anyway...

Hope it's a fun weekend!


annie said...

we bought a brand new bed 2 years back, a california king. wow, do i love being there. this morning i was there until 9am. i like my bed the most on weekends. have a great weekend, cracker lilo!

scribble said...

we bought a bed as our first big purchase together.
Four chunky poster bed. Four feet up off the ground is the actual top of the mattress. My honey has a cute little step stool to match the bed.
The kids are caught having been in our bed while we are at work.
Lazying there watching TV.
They know they aren't really allowed, but it forces them to !

So go snuggle the
naked woman already !

Karen said...

we have a california king waveless waterbed :)
stuck in the 70's and not willing to part with the thing.
it is the best bed I have ever had !