Monday, August 08, 2005

Can't hide my orange pride!!!

Oh, to be reincarnated as a brick, or perhaps a fence!

He won. He won. OhmyGods, he won! Tony Stewart FINALLY won at the Indianapolis Speedway, and he's been wanting it so bad for so long that I and the rest of the NASCAR Nation could taste it. He also took the lead for championship points, but that seems like a mere footnote.

Look at him, y'all. That smile just says it all, and it hardly left his face once:

And lookit, a preview of how he might end up looking if the other "Smoke Ho's" on the Message Board of Love got together and he walked in!

I am seriously smiling and tearing up all over again just to look at these pictures. Even non-Smoke fans had to be picking up on the excitement. Could you imagine what a huge party it was in Indiana last night, to celebrate their hometown boy's victory? This is easily going to be one of my favorite racing memories for years to come, I can tell.

But for me, my heart began pounding in my chest when this pretty little lady on the corner of the couch, looking simultaneously adorable and sexy as hell in her reading glasses and cut-way-the-hell-off Kevin Harvick T-shirt, grabbed a spiral notebook just before Jimmie Johnson's crash, did some calculations, and announced to the room, "I think Stewart will be number one in points if he finishes in the top ten."

"But there's still a lot of race left," I automatically replied, instantly crossing my toes.

"And anything can happen, my superstitious Jaya," she giggled, finishing the thought I always voice as a way to stave off the jinxes suffered by the overconfident and temper any potential disappointment when my driver seems to be doing really good.

Anything happened, all right. :-)


Blogzie said...

And I am happy because you are so darn happy!

I can relate. I felt the same way whenever Boris Becker won a tennis tournament.

Anastasia said...

I immediately thought of you when Stewart won! :) Congratulations! Mr. Know It All, aka The Boy, aka My Son was pizzed 'cause he's a Jeff Gordon fan. Not sure where THAT one came from.

scribble said...

please see my blog today.
expecting you to join us.

Karen said...

and yes--my favorite saying too:

anything can happen !

so happy for you :)


scribble said...
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