Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Zach's back.

Zach being the kid who blogged about being sent to Love in Action/Refuge (or as a clever poster at ExGayWatch.com noted, "LIA/R".)

He posts about wanting to be left alone. And I don't blame him, even though this post seems coached to me. Poor kid's had to eat, sleep, and breathe his "homosexual problem" for weeks.

There's an interesting thread at ExGayWatch.com, too.


Qivan said...

I think they got to him, as soon as I saw the word "Agenda" on his blog.

Poor guy,

scribble said...

I agree mg his post gave off the feeling of being beaten down by their truth.
Unable to fight.
I hope secretly he is just laying low until it is time for him to move out.

I feel bad that he was made the poster boy without his permission.
I am sure he feels responsible for the controversary brought to his family over LIA.
I am even more sure he is being reminded that he is indeed responsible.
It is all very sad.
Thanks for posting the links Cracker....love ya.

Karen said...

awesome post.
I agree too.
I read what he wrote and I am troubled by it. although he says he is not brainwashed, his comments sound scripted.
it seems too impossible that he would actually have the freedom to say anything honestly with all the hounds at his heels, watching his every move.
It is so damn sad that he has to go through all of this crap.
he will have to look inside himself and sort it all out as time passes.
there will come a point when he is older and free to be himself.
hopefully we will then hear his truth openly.